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Invisalign Vs Ibraces



Invisible Dental Braces Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2016-2024

Dental braces are used to correct the problems of teeth and help in proper aligning of teeth. Dental braces are custom made appliances they work by keeping the pressure on the teeth to straighten them. Various types of dental braces are currently available in the market. They are metal braces, ceramic bases, lingual braces and invisible dental braces. Traditional metal braces and ceramic braces are most commonly used however they cause pain, sores and patient discomfort from wires and brackets and owing to their appearance that these not much opted. To overcome the aforementioned problems invisible dental braces are gaining traction. Invisible dental braces are transparent in nature and didn’t have any wires or brackets like traditional braces. On top of that invisible dental braces are removable and less time-consuming procedures but traditional dental braces are irremovable. The cost of invisible dental braces is almost equal to traditional braces, and the costs of treatment are also reimbursed. Hence, patients are opting for these invisible dental braces. According to the survey, about 1 million Americans over the age of 18 years are wearing dental braces. The market is mainly driven by an increase in dental cosmetic surgeries, dental tourism, and favorable reimbursement scenario is driving the growth of this market. The major restraint for this market is the lack of much products when compared to the traditional braces.