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Cosmetic surgery: 'Extreme makeover' death sparks coroner's warning to medical tourists

Surgery 'would never have been carried out' in Australia

The president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and former head of plastic surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Professor Mark Ashton, reviewed the treatment and care Mr Aiple received in Malaysia for the coronial investigation.

He said the multiple surgeries Mr Aiple had would never have been performed in Australia, and the care he received afterwards was grossly inadequate.

The Coroner's report states Mr Aiple had several open wounds that were oozing fluid, and carers found him in pain in his hotel room, with his bedsheets covered in blood.

Professor Ashton told the coroner Mr Aiple would have been treated as a "high-risk" patient in Australia, not as a moderate risk as noted by the Malaysian surgeon, Dr Nasir Zahari, due to being 124 kilograms and morbidly obese.

The review also noted the level of anti-blood clotting treatment administrated was below Australia's recommended levels.