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Microdermabrasion In A Jar

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    Elaine Sterling Skincare: Micro C Exfoliant- Microdermabrasion in a Jar
    Single Detail Page Misc (Elaine Sterling Enterprises, LLC)

    Elaine Sterling Enterprises, LLC

    List Price: $55.00
    Price: $55.00

    • Rescue, Restore, Rejuvenate
    • Step 2: Lactic Acid Lysozyme Vitamin E
    • Step 1: Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) Vitamin A Vitamin E

    Patented Microdermabrasion Liscense Number 6,241,71813 In 1 T4 Ozone Facial Machine Glass Jar Steamer Skin Care Equipment. ON ALL WARRANTY WORK.

    List Price: $824.25
    Price: $824.25

    • FREE SHIPPING: We offer our 13-in-1 T4 Multifunction Facial Machine with FREE SHIPPING! And your product ships the next business day, so you can get your spa treatment fast. Purchase also comes with a 1-year eMark Beauty warranty. We are the only company that offers free shipping on all warranty work both ways.
    • FEATURES: Silent Timer / Herbal Aromatherapy / Ozone Facial Steamer / For Use With Distilled Water / Easy Connect Glass Jar / Stainless Steel Utility Bowl / Galvanic / 5X Flexible Magnify Lamp / Vacuum Extractor / Spray Diffuser / Towel Warmer / UV Sterilizer / Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion / High Frequency / Variable Speed / Reversible Rotating Brush / Woods Lamp / Salon and Spa professional Grade All Modular Skin Care Machine.
    • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TOOLS: Our professional-grade set includes an array of microdermabrasion tools, a high-frequency aromatherapy facial steamer, a gentle vacuum extractor for additional pore cleanliness, a towel warmer, galvanic current tools, and much more to give your facial skin the all-around royal treatment. Patent number 6,241,71813
    • THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY MACHINE: The 13-in-1 T4 multifunction facial machine by eMark Beauty is an all-in-one solution for all your skin care needs. The machine is fully equipped with everything you need to treat your skin to get smaller pores and an overall smoother appearance by removing old, rough skin on the surface and revealing the soft, healthy skin underneath.
    • MAGNIFYING LAMP INCLUDED: The 13-in-1 T4 multifunction facial machine also comes with a 5X magnifying lamp/mirror combo to you can clearly see the state of your skin and how best to care for it. When you combine the lit mirror with the other features in the machine, you are left with the ultimate personal facial skin care machine without having to break the bank on monthly visits to the spa.