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Microdermabrasion In A Jar

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    Advanced Scar Gel Cream Keloid Remover With Rosehip Seed Oil 1.7oz (50ml) Best Treatment For Repairing & Reducing Appearance of Scars From Accidents, Surgery, Stretch Marks, Burns, Acne - Purely Lola
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    • Made with the best 100% premium ingredients that are designed for clinical use. We give you a superior professional grade anti scar cream that works. Benefit from this product by enhancing your beauty, and brightening your life. Take care of both the old hard to remove scars that you've had forever, and the new ones.
    • See your blemishes, acne scars, & damaged skin reduce, fade, & heal with a promise. Buy today & you'll be protected by a 30 day money back guarantee. Purchase with assurance that if your review of our product does not prove in part or whole to help your scar tissue then let us know & we'll promptly refund your money.
    • Tired of looking at unsightly blemishes, burns, stretch marks, or scars? Our Dermatologist approved advanced healing renewal formula drastically helps to repair, reduce, and diminish scar tissue on your hands, face, feet, or body so you can look at your beautiful skin in the mirror with that pure natural confidence again.
    • Let our amazing and defining formula be your secret weapon by keeping this scar cream in your cosmetic tool kit. Take control of your skins appearance, and finnaly have peace of mind when it comes to those pimple scars, stretch marks, or other blemishes that you'd rather keep hidden away. Works for both men and women.
    • Collaxyl® is a trademarked ingredient in France, and is the primary #1 powerhouse when it comes to healing damaged skin, & repairing scar tissue. It has been demonstrated & proven to rapidly aid in the regeneration of both the epidermal, and dermal skin layers that have been left wounded in as little as 1 application.

    Elaine Sterling Skincare: Micro C Exfoliant- Microdermabrasion in a Jar
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    Elaine Sterling Enterprises, LLC

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    • Step 2: Lactic Acid Lysozyme Vitamin E
    • Rescue, Restore, Rejuvenate
    • Step 1: Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) Vitamin A Vitamin E