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Invisalign Cuts My Tongue

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'Outlander' Director on Midseason Finale: "We All Went Beyond Our Comfort ...

Shooting day for the crew. You could see the strain on the crew. It was a long run for everybody. Including the actors, particularly Catriona [Balfe]. She had no stopping.

This episode followed Claire and Jamie’s wedding, which you also directed. What was the most important thing you wanted to capture in the aftermath and how did last week’s episode inform your approach?

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Less pain, more gain: Digital scanning lets orthodontists use smaller braces ...

Of all the fun things that 11-year-old Meredith Engle wanted to do last summer, getting braces was not on the list.

“I was a little bit scared because my friends had told me that getting braces hurts a little bit,” said the Carroll Township sixth grader who got braces last August to correct crowding of her bottom teeth and a slight overbite.

While the procedure itself didn't hurt, the pain set in soon after and her gums hurt for several days. Eating felt “really strange” and she was afraid to try anything too hard or too sticky.

Her parents feared meal times would never end because she ate so slowly and bedtime was affected when the nightly routine to floss and clean her braces took her a half hour.

However, all those memories have faded now and Meredith declares, “It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be. Once you get used to it, it’s really OK.”

Digital orthodontics means better treatment

Plastic on my Invisalign braces is cutting my tongue, what can I do?

The plastic inside edge towards the back of the lower aligners is bothering my tongue really badly. This is my second day, and it's painful to talk or eat, not because of my teeth, but because of my tongue. Is there something I can do, or will it go away?

Either polish it off yourself or go to your orthodontist right away to get it checked out

i dont know xactly what to do but u should tell ur parents <diurin poisoning causes cancer>

i have just had invisalign 1st set and on day 2 my tongue above and lower are cut ?

i guess from the plastic edges is that normal? has anyone had invisalign and had this experience? just curious as cant find anything on this type of discomfort to do with this procedure.

I, myself, had "traditional" braces, but one of my brothers had invisalign (lucky him). He also had the same problem that you've been having. What he did was call his orthodontist, explain the problem, and he was asked to stop in so that the

I, myself, had "traditional" braces, but one of my brothers had invisalign (lucky him). He also had the same problem that you've been having. What he did was call his orthodontist, explain the problem, and he was asked to stop in so that the

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I'm on set 11/19 and have never been this uncomfortable with aligners. My tongue and mouth are full of sore spots - I can't even eat anything. Will I