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Invisalign Cuts My Tongue

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It's never too late to correct your smile

 “This was the one thing I’ve wanted to change about myself for a long time,” said Slavik, who’s wearing Insignia custom-designed clear braces to correct an overbite. “This is my second time around with braces, which didn’t correct the problem when I was younger.”

 Slavik is one of the many adults who are turning to braces to straighten or correct their teeth — either for cosmetic reasons or to take care of oral health issues that remain from childhood.

 Years ago, orthodontic treatments were used only for pre-teens and teens having problems with their bite, according to Patricia McGarry, DDS, with an office in Linden. Today, close to 30 percent of all orthodontic patients in the U.S. are adults. Most adults can be successful candidates for orthodontic treatment, working closely with their dental professional to decide the optimum treatment plan for their particular needs. In spite of this trend, it still pays to start orthodontic treatment early for maximum effectiveness, according to her website, patriciamcgarrydds. The American Dental Association recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by age 7.

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Plastic on my Invisalign braces is cutting my tongue, what can I do?

The plastic inside edge towards the back of the lower aligners is bothering my tongue really badly. This is my second day, and it's painful to talk or eat, not because of my teeth, but because of my tongue. Is there something I can do, or will it go away?

Either polish it off yourself or go to your orthodontist right away to get it checked out

i dont know xactly what to do but u should tell ur parents <diurin poisoning causes cancer>

i have just had invisalign 1st set and on day 2 my tongue above and lower are cut ?

i guess from the plastic edges is that normal? has anyone had invisalign and had this experience? just curious as cant find anything on this type of discomfort to do with this procedure.

I, myself, had "traditional" braces, but one of my brothers had invisalign (lucky him). He also had the same problem that you've been having. What he did was call his orthodontist, explain the problem, and he was asked to stop in so that the

I, myself, had "traditional" braces, but one of my brothers had invisalign (lucky him). He also had the same problem that you've been having. What he did was call his orthodontist, explain the problem, and he was asked to stop in so that the

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I'm on set 11/19 and have never been this uncomfortable with aligners. My tongue and mouth are full of sore spots - I can't even eat anything. Will I