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Invisalign Underbite

Is Invisalign® right for you?

Is Invisalign® right for you? Invisalign® is a great alternative for adults who want to be more discreet and aren't prepared to wear traditional braces. They're also a great solution for many teenagers with overcrowding issues or gaps between the teeth, as well as overbites and

10 Invisalign Truths to Know Before You Try

10 Invisalign Truths to Know Before You Try Real talk: I've never loved my teeth. OK, they were never awful, but Invisalign has long been in the back of my mind. Despite wearing my retainer every single night since getting my braces off in high school, my teeth still moved, and I had what's

More Brilliant Smiles with Invisalign!

More Brilliant Smiles with Invisalign! 2) You should have extra dental checkups with your D.D.S. during your Invisalign treatment, for extra cleaning. 3) Soak your aligners in Efferdent Plus Mint denture cleanser. 4) Know that Invisalign can also correct overbites and underbites. 5) Before

Why Is America Obsessed With Perfecting Its Teeth?

Why Is America Obsessed With Perfecting Its Teeth? The popularity of Invisalign, a treatment invented two decades ago that provides a simpler, retainer-type alternative to braces, is growing exponentially. Newer start-ups aim to democratize the industry further with mail-order DIY treatments. Amateur

What to do about malocclusion to reverse the negative effects

This is why it is important to fix the problems early through braces, or you can try invisalign treatments that can give you a straight smile without the hassle of wire braces. If you want to learn more about malocclusion and the negative health

Cosmetic dentistry: invisible braces guide

Besides the cosmetic benefits, a key advantage of invisible braces is that they are more hygienic than traditional metal “train tracks” which run across the teeth. These can cause problems with trapped food, plaque build-up, and mouth sores becoming infected.

This new technology is patented and produced by a US company, and is available to cosmetic dentistry patients all over the UK. The Invisalign brace is essentially a tough, clear mould which is worn for around 22 hours each day. It can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

The invisible braces come in a numbered set, designed and fabricated especially to fit over your teeth. The first mould is worn for two weeks, after which it can be thrown away and replaced with the next mould in the series. Over time, the teeth are slowly guided into a new, straighter position, to give you a perfect smile.


Invisible braces bring a host of new benefits to orthodontic patients: