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Blender Mini Washing Machine Is Crazy Cute

A chore, which is how the viral Blender Mini Washing Machine came to be. We’re constantly looking for an easy way to wash and dry our tools that doesn’t cost a week’s paycheck. Beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis might have just come up with one. The YouTuber posted an IGTV video of a tiny pink washing machine literally cleaning her makeup sponge. Everyone lost their minds over it but in a new video, Davis shows it just might be too good to be true.

You see, it only looks like the Blender Mini Washing Machine is a Beauty Blender cleaner . It’s the perfect size for the sponge. But it’s actually just a kids’ toy Davis found on the internet. Still, it really looks like it could work. Davis adds water right into the “machine” and adds a squirt of GlamGlow Gentle Bubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser , which is made for your face. She then turns it on and the sponge actually spins like it’s in a little washer. She drains out the dirty water with the attached tube and adds fresh water, giving the sponge a rinse. That’s when everyone, including me, lost their minds.

Where to buy the Beauty Blender in stores?

I don't wanna buy it online. And i know sephora only sells it online. Also, i want a legit beauty blender please! Thank you in advance! :)

Target or Ulta
Maybe CVS and Walgreens

I think Target (Sonia Kashuk) sells them.

The beauty blender? Is it as amazing as everyone says?

I hear great stuff about the beauty blender, but I am still skeptical. Isnt it just another sponge?
And will it make any foudation look flawless?
on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate it and why?

4.6 out 5 stars on! Go read the reviews, there are tons. tml?id=P229810&shouldPaginate=true&a mp;categoryId=5938

I love mine.

Gadget. Technique not gadgets get you smooth results.