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Cosmetic Dentistry Kelowna

Apex Surgical offers all aspects of oral and facial surgery

For many years, patients who needed advanced oral and facial surgery had to head out of town for help. Follow up treatments for many procedures consisted of heading to Kelowna or some other centre, requiring a fairly lengthy drive and often discomfort for the patient.

Now enter Dr. Peter Stefanuto, who brings his years of specialized training to the city with his state-of-the art treatment centre. Apex Surgical, located at 206- 755 McGill Road, near the TRU campus, has a fully-equipped facility. Dr. Stefanuto says “we have a complete team of nurses, anaesthesiologists and surgeons who can take care of all aspects of oral and facial surgery.”

Dr. Stefanuto started work on his practice in 2016, but it was in September 2017 that he was able to get fully operational. “To put our design in place, to put all the equipment together, was a major undertaking”, he says, “and we wanted to make sure all the requirements and specifications were met to the highest level before we moved forward.”