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What To Know Before Whitening Your Teeth, As Told By A Dental Hygienist

So, you want to brighten up your smile, but aren't sure if you are a good candidate? As it turns out, teeth whitening is generally safe and effective with just a few important exceptions. When asked if there are people who should never whiten their teeth, Burnside tells me that only patients with all of their permanent teeth should consider whitening, further explaining, "We do not recommend that children or people who haven't lost all of their baby teeth use whitening treatments. Baby teeth and adult teeth are different colors — baby teeth are a milk white color and adult teeth will never be that bright white because the enamel is not as thick. Teeth whitening treatments should not be used until all adult teeth have come in and can be assessed for necessary treatment."

As far as adults are concerned, the only people who are not good candidates for whitening treatments are those who have had extensive dental work done, such as composite fillings, crowns, or implants. "These matters (resin materials and porcelain crowns) don't bleach, so the teeth will whiten, but the crowns and implants will not, leaving them two different shades," Natalie explains. "If you plan to/know you need to have extensive dental work done, you should bleach your teeth prior to the restorative work being done so the doctor can match the restorative work to the newly bleached teeth."