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Microdermabrasion Broken Capillaries

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    Beauticontrol Microderm Abrasion Creme & Brush
    Beauty (BeautiControl)


    List Price: $65.00
    Price: $65.00

    • Applying the Facial Buffing Creme and then buffing with the hand-held battery-operated Facial Buffer allows for precise application & enables you to gently exfoliate while controlling the amount of pressure applied to your skin.
    • The BeautiControl "manual" version of microdermabrasion-Microderm Abrasion Facing Buffing Creme- is a deep exfoliation treatment that delivers less chance of skin irritation
    • This process often causes stretching, broken capillaries, redness swelling of the skin.
    • Traditional mircodermabrasion is an expensive process provided only by a trained aesthetician or nurse, who uses a small vacuum containing a stream of aluminum oxide particles to exfoliate skin
    • Microderm Abrasion Facial Buffing Creme reveals newer, fresher, younger-looking skin in just one application

    Beauty Ion Pro Galvanic Non Surgical Facelift, Eye, Neck Lift Microcurrent Gel Refill Kit
    Health and Beauty (Avance)


    List Price: $43.95
    Price: $43.95

    • nonsurgical face lift
    • Microcurrent is better than Microdermabrasion.
    • microcurrent machine for home use
    • professional microcurrent machine gel kit
    • Galvanic Skin Treatments Right at Your Fingertips!

Broken Veins from the Sun

Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight causes a number of changes in the external and internal aspects of cell metabolism. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays are a known mutagen which can cause DNA changes in the cells forming the superficial epidermal layers.

These mutations are mediated by biochemical changes, which leads to the formation of abnormal dimers of pyrimidines and other light-induced pyrimidine alterations. It is thought that these mutations underlie the signs of photoaging, such as collagen breakdown, increased elastin content, and wrinkled skin. Further constant exposure can result in precancerous lesions and even skin malignancies.

The cells most affected are melanocytes and basal cells because the superficial epidermis is devoid of blood vessels and nerve endings. UVB rays induce increased melanin production by the melanocytes, leading to the formation of freckles and dark spots. They are also implicated in the pathogenesis of skin cancer.

However, ultraviolet A (UVA) rays are of greater penetrative power than UVB rays, enabling them to be absorbed deeper in the epidermis and even the dermal cells. This leads to both direct mutations and indirect damage via reactive oxygen species such as oxygen radicals, causing breaks in the nucleic acid, as well as damage to the collagen, elastin, and extracellular matrix of the dermal layer, which supports the skin and keeps it smooth and young. Constant exposure to UVA rays thin out the dermis and cause loss of skin support, causing epidermal drooping to occur. In addition, the dermal blood vessels dilate or break, most often on the nose and the cheeks. This leads to the appearance of telangiectasia in these regions.