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I've been to the orthodontist, now I'm braced for the next 715 days

Lying back, my legs tilted up and my mouth wedged open as wide as it can go, I am suddenly filled with anxiety and dread. Next week I turn 41 and I am about to become a brace face.

As a child, one or more dentists along the way had suggested braces could be an option for my imperfect bite and wonky teeth. But I've never thought much of a perfectly straight matchy-matchy smile, so I was happy to hold on to my wonk and, what with my teeth grinding at night, I figured I'd probably fix my own munch eventually.

Some 20+ years later and here I am in the happiest orthodontist's clinic in the world, where the smiling never stops – from perfectly aligned sparking white teeth. Unfortunately, as well as my wonky smile, my mouth also held tight to two baby teeth – both pre-molars – that have finally decided their time is up.