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Brace yourself - those teeth will cost a lot to fix

Angela says there are "aesthetic" reasons for the braces. 

"Her [Abbey's] bottom jaw is bigger than her top jaw so that was the main reason we got braces for her. Because it's quite pronounced with her jaw, it made her face look quite flat so it is sort of a bit aesthetic as well."

Abbey Meiritz-Reid had the choice of getting braces or having her jaw broken to fix her crossbite. She chose braces.    

Her parents put down an initial deposit of $1500 and are paying  the bill off in weekly instalments. They want to pay for her braces before getting a $8090 set, less a small family discount, for younger sister Sophie, 13. 

"It's one of those things that everyone is doing and you do want your best for your children," Angela Meiritz-Reid says.

Abbey Meiritz-Reid, who has pale blue rubber bands wrapped around the glistening metal in her mouth, which will stay there for about 15 months, says she felt insecure about her smile in the past. She looks forward to getting her braces off.