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Lewiston dentist testifies in his own defense to rebut patients' complaints

Kippax generally said he didn’t recall the details of the cases but insisted his records and normal office routines ensured that patients were well-treated.

Each of the five patients whose complaints were included in the trimmed-down list of charges got a chance Friday or Saturday to paint Kippax as a cold, cruel dentist who ignored their blood and pain and resisted pleas for relief.

Christine Duplissis of Greene told the five-member panel that she had tears rolling down the side of her face from the pain as she begged Kippax to stop trying to pull a bad tooth. But the dentist told her he was nearly done and kept on despite her plea, she said.

Another patient, Meagan Westervelt of Bridgton, said Kippax pulled five of her teeth – one allegedly by mistake – and chipped two of her remaining teeth in the process. She said she woke up from the procedure “choking and coughing. There was a lot of blood in my mouth and going down my throat.”