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5 Natural Burn Remedies to Ease the Pain

What Type of Burn is It?

You’ve probably heard of first, second and third-degree burns, but can you tell the difference between them?

According to WebMD , a first-degree burn is relatively mild. It hurts, and your skin will turn red. In my own experience, first-degree burns heal quickly and don’t need a ton of pain management.

Second-degree burns are ones that are severe enough that the pain lingers, but you probably don’t need to see a doctor unless there are complications. The burn area will turn red, swell and may form a blister. When I have had second-degree burns, the blistered area often turns into a temporary or permanent scar.

A third-degree burn requires medical attention. Your skin will turn charred and black or chalky and white, and you may lose feeling in the burned area.

Natural Remedies for Burns

Keep in mind: these burn remedies are for minor burns only—first and possibly second-degree burns. If you are dealing with a severe, third-degree burn, see a doctor.

What to do for pain relief from burns?

I recently burned my feet by accidentally pourning boiling water on them (I know dumb thing to do), but anyway I have been prescribed tylonal w/codene, percaset, and now vicodin. None of them seem to work to keep the pain away for more then an hour and

it will take a time till u get redemedy
so dont think in one day u will be ok
it will take about 1 week

try a herbal medicine

try a nice soak in lukewarm water

plenty of cream too on your fooot should help heal it

Pain Relief for Burning Legs with Type 1 Diabetes?

my aunt has type one diabetes and she has a burning pain in her legs and cant sleep and she spends a lot of time crying and upset. Anyone with this same condition? what do you do to relieve the pain?
she's taking 300 mg of gabapentin and it isn't

Terry , I have the same problem . But first , shame on your aunt's doctor. Gabapentin can cause suicidal thoughts. And it never does any good.

I take 2 Tramadol at 3PM so I can sleep the night away. If two is not enough then take the two

She's looking for peace of mind an body. The only way to out of this is threw jesus(God). By her faith she will be healed. An set free from sin.

So sorry to hear about your aunt's condition, hope I can help in some way or another. The pain in her legs are caused by the high sugar levels restricting the blood flow to her extremities. It is unsure why this happens, but high blood sugar cause poor