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Dr. Kim Ross, Annapolis, MD Dentist, Invites Patients for Full Mouth Reconstruction Solutions

People who need comprehensive dental treatment to restore the health of their teeth, bite and jaw joint may now visit Dr. Kim Ross with or without referrals for full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Ross offers numerous treatments, from dental implants to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment in Annapolis, MD, to help patients achieve improved oral health and function. By planning and performing these procedures in conjunction, Dr. Ross is able to ensure that each patient receives efficient, economical and effective care.

Dr. Ross offers multiple treatments to address common problems that may harm a patient’s oral or general health. With custom crowns and bridges, Dr. Ross can protect damaged teeth from further harm or replace missing teeth. She also offers dental implants to replace missing teeth without damaging any adjacent teeth. For people who suffer from the jaw joint disorder TMJ, Dr. Ross provides TMJ treatment in Annapolis, MD, in the form of occlusal adjustment. This procedure, which helps the teeth fit together more effectively, stops unwanted symptoms such as bruxism, tooth wear and headaches. Dr. Ross also treats obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that disrupts nighttime breathing, with approaches ranging from oral appliances to surgery. In addition, she provides various forms of gum disease treatment.