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Meet Southington's new fire chief: Richard Butler



After over a year without a fire chief, the Southington Fire Department and the Fire Commission finally narrowed down a lengthy list of qualified candidates and hand-picked Richard Butler, of Annapolis, Md. as Southington’s new fire chief.

“Becoming a fire chief was one of my life goals,” said the new chief. “I have been blessed to have had many mentors over the years. One of my mentors in 1994 and 1995 told me, ‘You’ve got to figure out where you want to be, and make a plan to get the knowledge, the skills, the abilities and prepare yourself,’ and  I did that. I am so honored to have earned this position.”

Butler comes equipped with a long history of various levels of experience within the Annapolis Fire Department, where he was most recently employed. He began as a volunteer firefighter before he was hired as a career firefighter. He went on to become a lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, and most recently, battalion commander.