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State investigation underway after Help Me Hank exposes Detroit woman's illegal dental operations

DETROIT - A state investigation is underway after Help Me Hank exposed a Detroit woman doing unlicensed dental work from her home.

Help Me Hank's hidden cameras exposed the woman's bizarre scheme .

A viewer emailed Local 4 with concern about advertisements on Facebook that claimed a woman could put braces on the top and bottom teeth for $150 each, tighten them for $50, fix the braces for $10 to $20 and whiten teeth for $65.

The ads themselves looked absurd, but the rock-bottom prices intrigued some residents around Metro Detroit.

The woman behind the ads unknowingly met with Local 4's undercover producer, who quickly realized it wasn't just a joke.

"I can understand you being nervous," the woman said. "Have you even seen my work?"

"I saw the Facebook page," our producer said.

"What are you trying to get?" the woman asked. "What's wrong with your teeth?"