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Top Implant Dentists Bring Teeth Tomorrow® to North Carolina, Sonoma Valley and Greater Chicago

(Tomorrow)”, says Dr. Michael Tischler, the network’s founder and implant editor of Dentistry Today, “The benefits of next day delivery instead of same day are: less chair time for the doctor and patient, a refined lab processed provisional, and easier delivery for the patient and doctor since the tissue has reduced in height overnight.”

Teeth Tomorrow™ dental prosthetics are constructed using 3D dental imaging, customized for each patient’s unique smile. Each Prettau Zirconia Bridge™ is a one-piece, non-porous, chip and stain resistant device, hand painted to create an individualized, natural look, with a 99.8% implant success rate.

The growth in the full-arch restoration market is driven by an aging population as well as replacement of single implants, removable bridges and traditional dentures with a permanent, premium solution. Teeth Tomorrow® Network members are certified and authorized to provide arch placements within protected territories defined by each practice’s geographic market. A member practice increased their full arch bridge placements from 18 to over 62, achieving a 300% increase in gross sales from 2013 to 2015.