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Skills, not technology, the biggest challenge, says Westpac CIO

“Change is a constant and most human beings, especially those that work in technology who are predominantly introverted, don't like constant change,” the CIO said.

Also, he said IT people could no longer remain largely ignorant of the businesses in which they work, nor could business workers remain ignorant of IT.

“The concept that an IT person does not understand the business they work in in one that has to change very quickly,” he said. “The concept that someone can work in a business and not fundamentally understand the IT that supports their business won’t last either. There are very few industries in this world that are not totally powered by technology.”

The CIO has previously argued that Westpac needs to create a culture of continuous learning .

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Cloud the way forward

Curran also indicated a shift to cloud computing for Westpac’s IT saying: “We have data centres. Why? We are a bank. Infrastructure is not something that I see as being core to a bank going forward we need to leverage what is out there.”