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Many code violations found in Lowell building where man was shot

LOWELL -- City officials found a litany of violations Wednesday inside a downtown building where a man was shot inside the front door last week.

A group of a dozen health, building, fire and police officials found missing smoke detectors, a lack of emergency lighting, and a fire escape that doesn't meet building standards, among other problems. The building's sprinkler system hasn't been inspected since 2009 and a fire extinguisher found in one room was stamped with the date of 1986.

In several cases, small artist lofts and other sublet rooms appeared to have been created haphazardly in violation of fire and safety codes. One tenant, who asked not to be named, expressed a fear of being in the building past 5 p.m. because of tenants and others in the top two floors.

It wasn't immediately determined what action the city may take to force the building into compliance or whether the building may be condemned.

The city ordered the room-by-room inspection in the wake of the shooting