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    Go Smile Whitening Gel for the Blue Light Whitening Toothbrush 3.5 ounces
    Beauty (GoSmile, Inc.)

    GoSmile, Inc.

    List Price: $28.95
    Price: $28.95

    • Add to your favorite toothpaste every day to whiten as you brush
    • The built-in blue light amplifies the gel's whitening action
    • For use with the Blue Light Whitening Toothbrush (Item No. 203561)
    • A powerful whitening treatment that works while you brush

    Go Smile Sonic Blue UV Toothbrush At Home Dental Care Teeth Whitening System (Purple)
    Beauty (Go Smile)

    Go Smile

    List Price: $99.95
    Price: $99.95
    You Save: $30.95 (31%)

    • Blue light wavelengths boost deep whitening and have been shown to reduce harmful bacteria for greater oral health.
    • Unique, time-saving technology delivers the best oral care PLUS deep whitening, while you brush! The made in USA Teeth Whitening Gel (included) plus your toothpaste whitens your teeth delivering a brighter smile.
    • A fast-acting, powerful teeth whitener that's also a bacteria-reducing electric toothbrush with soft bristle brush heads, delivering health and beauty benefits as you brush.
    • GO SMILE Authorized USA Reseller, 1 Year Limited Warranty
    • Dentist-recommended sonic vibration cleans and polishes for a reflective, bright smile. 2 weeks to significant results, 30 days for full results when using the gel and the sonic brush.

History comes to life

With a mission to educate the public as living historians, members of the all-volunteer 49th Indiana will visit the Hancock Public Library from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Van and three of his fellow soldiers will be at the library in full uniform, fully equipped and ready to present.

The foursome plans to demonstrate some Civil War-era military drills, describe and explain their equipment, fire their muskets and answer questions about re-enactment and Civil War history.

Van’s Union army uniform — made of wool — is an authentic reproduction and must be cleaned by hand after every re-enactment event.

“The wool is definitely hot,” Van said, “but you get used to it.”

But the piece of equipment that requires the most care and maintenance is his musket.

His firearm is a rifled musket, meaning the barrel of the rifle is twisted, increasing the accuracy of the shot.

A routine civil war drill called for loading and firing the musket in a nine-step procedure, Van explained. The steps include removing the cartridge from the cartridge box on the soldier’s belt, dumping the contents of the paper cartridge (the powder and the musket ball) into the barrel of the rifle, tamping it down with a ramrod, placing the percussion cap (needed to ignite the powder) and pulling the trigger.

My dog ate a vial of my tooth it toxic to her...what to do?

It was a small vial of "Go Smile" tooth whitener. Its main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide; it also contains Alcohol, PVP,and mint Flavor. My dog has yet to have any symptoms, will she be ok? Do I just need to keep an eye on her? I am broke,

It will probably make her throw up.

Puppies get into things you fail to keep out of their reach.

I so wish that puppy would be rehomed to someone who could keep it safe and could afford to care for it properly. Stop buying

She'll probably begin to vomit due to the hydrogen peroxide. Keep a close eye on her; I wouldn't worry too too much.

Don't own a dog if you're broke and if you do, at least be responsible enough to keep it out of things.

Don't get an animal if you can't take care of it. That's how they get abused, neglected and abandoned.

White spots or stains on my teeth?

I've had white spots on just my front two teeth since I was a teenager and I've never been able to get rid of them. I brush twice a day with a good toothpaste and I've never lived anywhere there was heavy flouride in the water. It has come and gone over

i have white spots too on my teeth and i was told it was a calcium deficiency. i have heard it can be caused from the antibiotics at birth too. my dentist told me to use the teeth whitening strips so i tried them. they didnt completely eliminate the spots

antibiotics in pregnancy can stain teeth but so can too much fluoride

its from flouride in the water when you were a kid.
A lot of municipalities add flouride to the water supply - a practice that is not without its controversy.. and 'heavy' amounts of flouride would actually kill you - they add only about 0.7 and