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    Dr. Brody's Premium Teeth Whitening System, Made Fresh in the USA, Dentist Approved! 14 Treatments
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    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $29.99

    • DENTIST APPROVED - 14 TEETH-WHITENING TREATMENTS - Each of the 14 teeth-whitening treatments continues to whiten and improve on the previous treatment, up to 10 shades whiter!
    • HIGH-EFFICIENCY CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE - Dr. Brody's Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is made to order, to maintain the high efficiency of carbamide peroxide to whiten teeth without chemical breakdown
    • INCLUDES TEETH-WHITENING PEN AND DESENSITIZING GEL - Continue whitening by using the teeth-whitening pen, and reduce sensitivity with the desensitizing gel
    • TEETH WHITENING AT HOME UP TO 10 SHADES WHITER - Easy, safe and effective vegan ingredients let you sidestep the middleman and get teeth up to 10 shades whiter from home
    • MADE FRESH IN THE USA - Dr. Brody, a New York dentist for over 30 years, makes his teeth-whitening system in a laboratory in the United States to provide the most effective treatment possible

Five surefire ways to boost revenue with chairside teeth whitening

Don't recall that teeth whitening requires maintenance. Your patients want to keep their teeth pure. Offer touch-ups in the form of take-home whitening trays that can be used to maintain their results. The finest time to offer a take-home touch-up or

Connecticut Valley General Dentistry Offers Whitening Options

Lastly, Into the bargain is another option and is ideal for those looking to touch-up their teeth, or for those being introduced to whitening. BOOST is a one-hour in-occupation procedure. If whitening isn't enough, porcelain veneers can be an option.

The Nexus as a phone

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Illegal teeth whitening on the rise, causing pain and even tooth loss

Dental experts are warning that illegal teeth whitening treatments are seeing a surge on the high street, with a recent BBC investigation uncovering some shocking findings in London in particular…

In our tea addicted land, teeth whitening has transitioned from a celebrity rite of passage to a popular at-home and in-clinic treatment for many of us, but a BBC investigation has uncovered that a number of beauticians in London are offering the service, often with less than a day’s training, causing risk to clients’ health and wellbeing, not to mention putting them in extreme pain.

Undercover filming by BBC journalists found that one beautician used hydrogen peroxide (the agent used to whiten teeth) at a level of 25 per cent during treatment- the maximum legal strength for dentists is 6 per cent. To put this into perspective further, at-home treatments typically contain 0.01 per cent hydrogen peroxide.

Used at high levels, hydrogen peroxide can cause severe pain, ongoing sensitivity, sores and even tooth loss, but despite the side effects, and the fact that most beauticians are aware that it’s illegal to offer teeth whitening treatments unless you’re a registered dental professional, many continue to do so. The BBC discovered multiple salons in London offering treatments, charging between £75-£100 for teeth whitening and selling on the likes of 7 percent peroxide gels for at-home use (also against the law). One clinic also offered further treatments such as ‘teeth scraping’, despite a lack of dental qualifications and training.