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The Key to Selling Makeup to Gen Z: Meet Them IRL | The Business of Beauty | BoF

NEW YORK, United States – Barri Kandel, 19, buys practically everything online. In the last week alone, she purchased two colourful tops from Revolve and a denim jacket from Urban Outfitters’ website. But when it comes time to replenish her supply of foundation, only a trip to Sephora will do.

Kandel said her skin tone changes with the seasons, so she has to test new makeup on her face before committing to a purchase. Online shade-matching technology or augmented reality try-on tools can’t detect infinitesimal differences between shades as well as a live in-store demonstration, she says.

“It gets tanner and sometimes it fades,” Kandel said of her skin while perusing a display of cruelty-free Tarte cosmetics at a Sephora in Manhattan. “It’s really hard.”

E-commerce is swallowing up an ever-greater share of sales of consumer goods, ranging from clothing and sneakers to televisions and toilet paper. Among Generation Z, whose oldest members were born in 1995 at the dawn of the online era, online shopping is already the norm in practically every category - except beauty. About 90 percent of American teenagers still prefer to buy cosmetics in stores, according to Piper Jaffray, which conducts a twice-annual survey. Beauty is the only category where brick-and-mortar’s share hasn’t fallen, said Erinn Murphy, a senior research analyst at the bank.

Beauty Rush......................................?

Hi guys, I wanna make my own company . For like make up and stuff. I wan tot name it Beauty rush. But they already have that. I s it okay if i use it If not then ill find another name. Thanks :)
What about Beauty Rush Couture?

you could make it VEAUTY RUSH..:) its makes it unique..:))

Just pick another name. Chances are, if this really takes off, they will sue you over it. Not worth it.

No it's not ok

beauty rush....?

i love victoras secert lip beauty rush lip gloss but...the silla is annoying feels like i have glue on my lips..... anyone else think this ingrdent is a pain in the a**

Yeah I have it in the super hot pink! Love the colour but it is sooo sticky and I find that it ends up everywhere! I dont think I would buy it again.

i know is is reallty thick and sticky.

i think it is cuz thats the ingredient im allergic to!!!! =-P