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    Spring Valley - Acai, Concentrated Extract, 200 Softgels
    Health and Beauty (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.)

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    Price: $18.45

    • Acai Extract 50 mg per 2 Softgels Serving (Equivalent to 1,000 mg whole fruit).
    • Concentrated Extract.
    • 200 Softgels.
    • Antioxidant Support.

You heard it here first: This Peruvian avocado doppelgänger is the next it-superfood

Watch out, avocados : a new superfood is trying to blow up your spot as the It-superfood. Found 9,000-feet up in the rich Peruvian landscapes, lucuma is starting to make waves around the globe for being a total nutritional powerhouse. And, it’s a straight-up doppelgänger of your guacamole’s star ingredient with its green skin, dark-brown pit, and round shape.

Lucuma’s tendency to quickly spoil after it’s picked explains why it took so long for the fruit to make it into smoothie bowls outside its native land, but now retailers like  Moon Juice and Walmart are selling it in powdered or frozen-form—and that’s great news for your health. According to Bloomberg , lucuma packs a powerful punch, containing high amounts of antioxidants, potassium, beta carotene, iron, protein, fiber, zinc, and calcium, which benefits everything from your skin to your immune system and heart. And another perk? The Incas reportedly turned to the fruit for its fertility-enhancing purposes, so give it a shot if you’re in baby-making mode.

Can I get Acai Berry pills form Walmart?

Not the juice,the pills.I havn't really looked......I just wanted to know if they sold the acai Berry Power 500 pills at Walmart.....

Nope, you have to order the Power 500 stuff online! I got mine at and it arrived pretty quickly and has been great so far. Tons more energy, losing weight, etc..

No, they only sell the juice sorry.

Acai berry products are becoming very popular right now, but there are some things that you need to take into consideration in terms of the acai pills. Acai berries are only from the Amazon in Brazil, so anything that is not from there may not be acai,

Does the acai berry at walmart work?

i got it today and i was wondering if anyone could give me reviews from the walmart ones..not the ones they sell online..
and did you lose weight?

They don't work :/

I've tried them, they're much better if you have them as fresh berries, but they don't really keep very long.

only buy diet pills approved by the FDA it means it works try alli its the only over the counter diet pill that works acai berry juice will help you more than the pill drink it twice a day

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