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African mangoes: weight loss miracle or pulp fiction?

African mangoes: weight loss miracle or pulp fiction? But Australian nutritionists say the African mango, the latest superfood to hit the force-loss market, is no different from goji berries, acai, noni and wheatgrass. They have stiff price tags, but offer the same amount of nutrients as regular - and

Calvert, St. Mary's and Charles County

The acai berry is a miracle berry. Nope. It's reasonable another over-hyped fruit you haven't heard of before for moneymaking purposes. If it well-constructed too good to be true, then it probably is. Of course the public is scratching their supervisor.

Water massage: Healing medicine to watch in 2012 (4)

She was to foretell me later that Acai Berry, from the Fruits of the World stable, went well with her. She, too, pressed that I hit to Abuja to experience water massage which, she said, was turning her salubrity around. So, on December 6, three of us met at

Top designer descends on Israel for one delicious show

Top designer descends on Israel for one delicious show "You don't impecuniousness them, you have beautiful women and acai berries," replies Moshe with a wink. Mattar confesses that before her stay to Israel she thought our national dish was the pastrami sandwich, "Because of all the deli stands in New York.

Are Peruvian superfoods all good for you and the environment?

I barely flinch these days when my partner asks me to add chia seeds, raw cacao and acai berries to her almond milk smoothie in the morning. For some of us, these once-exotic ingredients, marketed as antioxidant-rich, anti-aging superfoods, have crept into the culinary lexicon as everyday ingredients we can't live without.

Desperate to differentiate their products, food marketers have elevated humble grains and berries to superfoods, not only due to high antioxidant or phytonutrient content, but their exotic origins high up in the Andes or Himalayas, where traditional people lovingly harvest by hand, and grow without the aid of chemicals.

Even at my local Berlin supermarket, they are having a special superfood display this week, showing off immunity-boosting algae, fertility-enhancing nuts and energizing berries that sell at premium prices. Down the road at McDonald's you can get a veggie burger made with a quinoa patty, and of course a quinoa side salad. The fast-food franchise is plugging the grain's 6,000-year-old Inca origins, and the fact that NASA astronauts eat it in space.

"Acai Berry Exposed" from

I came across an article about the Acai Berry for weight loss at

Now if you take this website at face value, it appears to be an article about Acai for weight loss, written by a news organization. But is this

Michael, welcome to the world of PR and the media.

The whole article is a bigger scam then it claims to expose.

Acai does nothing for weight loss, and is no more nutritious then cranberry or blueberry.


Michael, welcome to the world of PR and the media.

The whole article is a bigger scam then it claims to expose.

Acai does nothing for weight loss, and is no more nutritious then cranberry or blueberry.


There's plenty of websites that say "Acai has been linked to scams, but THIS website is genuine and can be trusted!"

Of course they're all scams. The false news report scam has been going for years, even now, full page adverts

Acai Berry Diet Exposed Miracle Diet or Scam or What?

Acai berries as many know are Foods that you take as a supplement to lose weight, it give Amazing results and 100 satisfaction.
The Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), a powerful antioxidant, known as the globes most beneficial superfood, has recently

The acai berry is just the latest of centuries of nutritional fads which have grown out of public ignorance, misinformation, and the absence of contradictory good science. Call it a scam or a myth or just bad info but the acai berry is just another humble

While the berry diet does make you gain energy,any fruit will.Eating and drinking healthier throughout the day helps to make a happier attitude and higher metabolism.

It doesn't,however,help you to lose weight.It helps in that category

This is rad, spam-bot answers in response to a spam-bot question.

But to answer your question, the acai berry diet is a scam. It's been disproven numerous times. Do you really think a legitimate business would advertise like this?