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Health Awareness and Super Food Status Propels Consumption Rates in Acai Berry Market

Harvested from acai palm trees, and consumed mostly as pulps or in a dried format, the global demand for acai berries is currently witnessing a strong rate of growth owing to the widespread trend of consuming super foods. 

Acai berries are most widely processed and used in their dried variant owing to the relative ease and transportation of the product by producers and suppliers. Dried acai berry is finding increased application as a cure to scarring and other skin issues. Innovations in packaging and processing technologies in recent years are expected to benefit producers and consumers in terms of preserving the nutritional value of the products for longer periods of time.

Strongly growing awareness about potential wide ranging health benefits is the key influencing factor that is rapidly boosting the consumption rate of the acai berry market for the foreseeable future. Some of the other key factors that are substantially affecting developments in the market among consumers and cultivators include:

What are the Acai Berry Side Effects?

Hi guys. I've heard about Acai Berry and how it's great for losing weight on Oprah and Rachael Ray. I'm about to purchase some but I wanted to know if there are any side effects to using Acai Berry?

Thanks for your help

According to all the buzz on the internet, no side effects have been found for acai. Check the link below if you want to look further. vclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4DKUS_enU S302US302&q=acai+side+effects

Decreased appetite.

Not really sure what I would recommend to you specifically. There are so many products out there so what I end up doing is starting with the less expensive and trying out several trials and measuring the results.I would check out the site at http://www.pure-acai-berry.saverightnow.

what are the side effects to Acai Berry?

i am thinking of trying Acai Berry anyone who has tried this what side effects did you have because on the internet they have to cover them selves for all things so i want know the side effects that people have had please.

Bob G is right. But not all acai berry products are a scam. I have tried acai berry diets along with a few colleagues. We all feel great and have lost weight with no side effects. We read various articles on acai side effects before buying, like the

loss of your money, no results, disgruntled attitude towards weightloss in the future.

its A SCAM. why is it taking so long for everyone to GET IT.

think logically, if this crap worked,, would there be ANY FAT PEOPLE ANYWHERE?!

I agree with Bob.