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Foods that may help save your memory

The latest inquire into presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston found that blueberries, strawberries, and acai berries may take put the brakes on age-related cognitive decline by preserving the brain's health

Stoked at Stoked

Memorial Day weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to check out the new joint. Alongside the many coffee offerings, including lattes, cappuccinos and pour-over coffee from Santa Barbara roaster Dune, the official brand of the popular French Press brunch spots, are the real stars of the show: the bowls.

Stoked offers two versions of the bowls: the Stoke Bowl ($8) is organic acai sorbet topped with strawberries and bananas plus locally made granola, seasonal fruit, chia seeds and honey. The Butter Bowl ($9) is all that plus your choice of almond or peanut butter, coconut and blueberries. Also on the menu are several versions of the now-trendy toast — topped with avocado ($7), almond butter ($6) or simply served with jam ($4.50).

We selected a pour-over coffee, iced soy latte and the Butter Bowl and took a seat outside in the alleyway, which has more the appearance of a Mediterranean detour than of having stepped off Main Street, Ventura.

The vibrant bowl in purple, red, white and blue was as patriotic-looking as it was tasty. The local honey gave the high-quality almond butter a bit of sweetness to balance the savory, and the berries all popped with fresh, juicy tartness. The chia seeds, while hard to find amid the cacophony of flavors, gave the bowl the appearance of having been freshly picked, like seeds on a watermelon.

does the acai berry diet and advance colon pill really work?

they have a free trail for both pills and i just want to know if it works. on a website i found a news reporter tried it out and lost 25lbs in 4 weeks, i need to lose a lot of weight and wants to find something that can make losing wait a little easy...thank

It doesn't work. It will give you diarrhea and that's about it. Try Oxy Elite Pro. I've used it before, it's an awesome appetite suppressant.

Should I try out the acai berry detox?

I was googling the acai berry supplements and came across a news reporter who tested it out and she said it boosted her energy, let her sleep during the night, and even lost weight. I was wondering if I should give it a try?
Im not just looking

Hello Vegetarian Pride,

That's a good pride to have, by the way!

The benefits of the acai berry are numerous and I definitely think you should try it. The real secret of the berry is that it has perfectly proportioned essential

Jeez, are you serious?? . check out the other answers to the hundreds of questions a day about weight loss and acai berry. There's lots of spam out there but I haven't heard of anyone real losing weight. And if it really worked, wouldn't you really

To tell the truth I have not sampled any of the berry programs but I might. For now I am just sticking with whatever fruit is on sale.