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LI-based acai bowl chain adding 8 locations

•  And Texas-based Jamba Juice, the largest player in the smoothie industry with more than 800 locations worldwide, including three on Long Island, sells acaí bowls.

Ronkonkoma resident Angelina Perry, 26, opened her second SoBol, at 555 NY-111 in Hauppauge, on Aug. 7. She opened her first in a space beside her florist shop on Hawkins Avenue in Ronkonkoma in September 2017.

At that time, she was spurred to make use of the extra building space because foot traffic had slowed down for her floral business, Perry said. Her acai bowl business is doing well, and word-of-mouth is helping to increase sales, she said.

“We’re doing really well in Ronkonkoma. Our clientele is pretty much . . . more of a young crowd,” she said.

Wantagh resident Jim Duffe, who is a partner with Joe Thompson in SoBol's East Meadow franchise, said that while acai has been big in California for at least a decade, it’s just now starting to catch on on Long Island because of its health benefits.

does the acai berry diet and advance colon pill really work?

they have a free trail for both pills and i just want to know if it works. on a website i found a news reporter tried it out and lost 25lbs in 4 weeks, i need to lose a lot of weight and wants to find something that can make losing wait a little easy...thank

It doesn't work. It will give you diarrhea and that's about it. Try Oxy Elite Pro. I've used it before, it's an awesome appetite suppressant.

Should I try out the acai berry detox?

I was googling the acai berry supplements and came across a news reporter who tested it out and she said it boosted her energy, let her sleep during the night, and even lost weight. I was wondering if I should give it a try?
Im not just looking

Hello Vegetarian Pride,

That's a good pride to have, by the way!

The benefits of the acai berry are numerous and I definitely think you should try it. The real secret of the berry is that it has perfectly proportioned essential

Jeez, are you serious?? . check out the other answers to the hundreds of questions a day about weight loss and acai berry. There's lots of spam out there but I haven't heard of anyone real losing weight. And if it really worked, wouldn't you really

To tell the truth I have not sampled any of the berry programs but I might. For now I am just sticking with whatever fruit is on sale.