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A Day In The Boat Life On The Amazon River

Thousands of working Brazilians sail on Amazon riverboats each day to carry out their business and personal lives, in a region where the main superhighway is one of water.

Many sleep in hammocks instead of bunks, where they peacefully hang like bats at night and naptime.

These hammocks fill the middle and lower decks of the White Swan, a rusty, 67-year-old ironclad ship piloted by a man known to all as "Mustache." NPR boarded for a journey with about 100 passengers, along with cars, machine parts and merchandise from gourds to makeup to musical instruments. The ship sails between the cities of Manaus and Belém, where the river pours into the Atlantic.

The community that forms onboard during the four-day trip shows how Brazilians in the country's north lean on each other — and remain connected to nature — as the country struggles to recover from a deep economic recession.

Ship bartender Conceição Souza likes to call the river where she's worked for 28 years the "world of water." She says passengers frequently swap contact information with each other and with the crew in order to stay in touch.

does the acai berry diet and advance colon pill really work?

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It doesn't work. It will give you diarrhea and that's about it. Try Oxy Elite Pro. I've used it before, it's an awesome appetite suppressant.

Should I try out the acai berry detox?

I was googling the acai berry supplements and came across a news reporter who tested it out and she said it boosted her energy, let her sleep during the night, and even lost weight. I was wondering if I should give it a try?
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Hello Vegetarian Pride,

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Jeez, are you serious?? . check out the other answers to the hundreds of questions a day about weight loss and acai berry. There's lots of spam out there but I haven't heard of anyone real losing weight. And if it really worked, wouldn't you really

To tell the truth I have not sampled any of the berry programs but I might. For now I am just sticking with whatever fruit is on sale.