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acai berry really work

The new crop of Washington hotel bars offer luxe seating, board games and secret rooms

Allegory and Wild Days at the Eaton DC

The Eaton DC was dubbed the “anti-Trump hotel” when it opened in August, reflecting owner Katherine Lo’s progressive politics. But there’s much more to it, such as the wellness aspect — yoga, acupuncture and mindfulness classes — alongside a mix of chic bars and restaurants, in-room record players and an in-house radio station. The flagship food destination is American Son, created by chef Tim Ma of Kyrisian, which earned 2.5 stars from Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema this spring. There are three other eating and drinking options.

The daytime attraction is Kintsugi, a coffeehouse with inviting seating at the large windows along K Street NW and a menu focused on vegan and gluten-free pastries, fresh juice and holistic teas . After dark, the focus shifts to the Allegory, tucked behind an unmarked door off the lobby’s library lounge. In Shaw or on H Street NE, this would come with all the baggage of a speakeasy. Here, the dimly lit lounge, outfitted with long leather couches, cozy nooks and an “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired mural, is just a place to linger and explore the menu created by Passenger and Columbia Room veteran Alexandra Bookless and her team. Grab a seat at the glowing bar and watch the bartenders whip up the frothy, floral Open Veins, made with genever, acai berry and egg white, or the mezcal-and-mole 2666, which offers a great depth of flavor. There are pages of classics, too, organized by base spirit, making it easy for your friend who only likes gin or rum drinks. (The brandy section might be the most rewarding.)

How well does Acai Berry really work?

I need to lose a lot of weight, and I was wondering: Is acai berry healthy? Which one works best? How expensive is it (after the supposed free trial is over). Also, can one stop taking it after the weight is lost, without gaining it all back? Also, any

Acai berry tablets DO NOT work for weight loss. Acai Berry is a fantastic supplement. It has very powerful antioxidant properties and can be categorized as a superfood. But there is no proven research that Acai Berry helps with weight loss. Marketers


Don't sign up for the free trial, I did it for the hell of it. All they do is is spam your phone number.

I'd give them a chance, but by the way they spam the internet with paid blogs, fake marketing, I'm sure it's safe to assume their BS.

does the acai berry really work?

My mom wants to lose 28 pounds. she wants to know if the acai berry works. If you use it it would be a great help to have your answer, I know ppl on the internet will do anything to sell their product. So i want answers from real ppl. thanks in advance.

no it's doesn't, google it you'll see it's a scam

It's just a berry to be honest! Good and healthy for you like most other fruits and berries but that's about it.