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    Women’s Maximum Absorbency Reusable Bladder Control Panties XL (3-Pack)
    Health and Beauty (Prime Life Fibers Inc)

    Prime Life Fibers Inc

    List Price: $48.00
    Price: $48.00

    • Pack of three panties.
    • Model# HDL200-3-Pack
    • Brief style. High Rise.
    • Maximum absorbency - Holds up to 20 ounces of liquid. Suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. Not for severe or total incontinence.
    • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Body. 50% Rayon, 50%Polyester Pad. 100% Polyester Liner.

    Prevail Extra Absorbency Incontinence Underwear, Extra Large, 14-Count (Pack of 4)
    Health and Beauty (Prevail)


    List Price: $39.68
    Price: $39.50
    You Save: $0.18 (%)

    • Prevail adult care products are manufactured in Pennsylvania with attention to quality, safety, sustainability, and responsible sourcing practices by First Quality, a family-owned company. Comments? Call 1-800-262-0042.
    • Prevail Underwear is the #1 rated brand in the healthcare industry. Each product is constructed with a discreet core technology that allows for thinner, highly-absorbent material that enables the user to move more freely and confidently.
    • Designed for extra leakage protection, Prevail Underwear features Comfort-Shape Plus with gentle elastics that shape to your body for a more comfortable and discreet fit than standard adult diapers.
    • This package includes four packs of underwear with 14 pairs per package for a total of 56 individual pairs of disposable underwear.
    • Extra large size fits waist sizes 58 to 68 inches for a snug and comfortable fit. Each Prevail incontinence product features a proprietary Quick Wick layer of material with MaxSoft Technology that provides advanced softness with rapid liquid absorption for optimal product performance.

Yeast, Diabetes, and Sex

A conventional pattern is for a woman to treat a bladder infection with antibiotics, only to wind up with a yeast infection that is barely as annoying. According to Dr. Illiades, other causes of vaginitis include pain, illness, menstrual periods, pregnancy,

Better tweets needed in 2012

Better tweets needed in 2012 Despatch: ''My bladder is beyond my control and a Frenchman never soils his seat.'' The fallout: CityJet tweeted humorously: ''As you may have seen on the talk, we are busy mopping the floor of one of our planes this morning.

8 Practical Ways to Deal With Pee Problems on the Run

Women with stress incontinence are often told to do Kegels, exercises that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Trouble is, those work only if your problem stems from weakness, says Lauren Garges, P.T., a board certified women’s health physical therapist in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. That isn’t always the case.

First, a little anatomy. Your pelvic floor muscles stretch from your pubic bone in the front to your tailbone in the back and side to side between your hip bones—kind of like an internal trampoline. The stretchy shelf they form suspends organs like the bladder and uterus above the orifices below, Garges says.

For women, the strain of pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal shifts, and the force of gravity over time can weaken and stretch pelvic muscles and ligaments. The entire structure sags, squeezing the bladder and creating traction that pulls the urethra downward. Extra pressure from running—or coughing, laughing, or sneezing—can let loose anything from a dribble to a near deluge.

How good are bladder control underwear, and do they hide the oder?

Just wondering, had a bad experience at a play recently, with an elderly person who seemed to lose
their sense of smell.

They are good for adult citizens who are incapable of moving to bath room every night .
It keeps them dry whole night . ladder_control_pads.html

They are pretty much like baby diapers in that once they're soiled they need to be changed.

If he has a medical plan, he should talk with his MD directly. There are medicines now that will help with incontinence. Then there is Depends and other disposables which do work - however they still must be changed frequently. He may have loss his

why do i lose control of my bladder when i purge?

When I purge, I lose control of my bladder. This is embarassing, I know. But I always have to stuff my underwear with a little toilet paper before I start purging. Still, it doesn't always get everything...what makes this happen?


When you purge, the majority of your abdominal muscles contract, including those that you use when you relieve yourself of processed foods (defication) and liquids (urination). Thus when you purge, your body not only forces substance from your stomach

Stop purging.
Serious a as a heart attack. Stop. You are killing yourself.

Why are you purging. Are you suicidal?