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Strategies to Help Kids Overcome Bedwetting

Statistics show 1 out of 7 children who has late evolvement in bladder control have siblings or other close relative who suffered nocturnal enuresis. Bedwetting is more simple in boys than girls -- Prior to age 13, boys wet the bed twice as often as

Tips for kicking the smoking habit

If it's practice to have a cigarette with a cup of coffee, switch to tea. Change up your routine. 5. Steer clear of people who smoke or ask them not to smoke in front of you. 7. Some people gain bias after they quit. Stay active and eat a healthy balanced diet

Alternatively Speaking: Essentially oil

Most often oil and dead skin cells are the cause of whiteheads. Fear not however, because whiteheads can be controlled with frank self-care methods. Tea tree has disinfectant and anti-rabble-rousing properties. There are several facial washes with tea tree

Superfood contenders for 2012

Studies have also found a affiliation between green tea consumption and a decrease risk for several cancers including lung, titty, bladder and skin. So grab a cup a few times a day and relish in all those antioxidants and other powerful compounds that move along disintegrate

Causes of frequent urination among women

I have been experiencing frequent urination for some time now. Initially I thought it was due to infection. I was treated with so many drugs including antibiotics but to no avail. Kindly share useful information about this problem, likely causes and treatment options.

Worried  lady.

Thanks for your question and wishing you quick recovery. People may urinate a different number of times per day depending on how much they drink and how well their kidneys work. According to experts, the average person should urinate somewhere between six and eight times in a 24-hour period. While an individual is occasionally likely to go more frequently than that, daily incidences of urinating more than eight times may signal a concern for too-frequent urination.

What are the causes and risk factors?

Sometimes, frequent urination is due to drinking too many drinks that are known to increase urine production or irritate the bladder. Examples include excess caffeine intake through coffee, tea, and certain soft drinks.

My bladder has been kinda out of control lately?

As recent as like a month ago, if I had to pee really badly, I was able to hold it in. Now if I have to pee badly, I can't hold it in as well anymore. What's going on?
I've been drinking tea.. and coffee lately... if that's any help. And I'm fifteen.

Caffeine is an irritant to your urinary tract.
If it affects you that way, just stop drinking caffeine.
Drink more clear water, and cranberry juice for urinary tract health.

Im fourteen and when i drink coffee and soda, i have to pee more more then usal. i can still hold it, but its a little harder. you might not want to but talk to your parent or whoever you live with and tell her what has been happening.

Is my boyfriend being unfair about my bladder problem?

I have a bladder infection (got medication and everything) and and as a result I've been peeing a LOT more than normal these past few weeks. And if I even drink water or iced tea, I pee at least four times an hour.

Yesterday my boyfriend

if hes going to act like that then hes not worth it! he should be understanding about something like that

He probably hasn't talked to you because he knew he blew up, and went a little too far. I'll bet he's guilty. It's not even your fault, so don't worry about it.