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Incontinence: The Why and Why Not of Tabbed Briefs

Form of incontinence. I’m purposely leaving out that era where, as adults, we were given a cloth diaper and a disposable underpad (then, and to some extent, now called a “chuck”) and patted on the head before bedtime by a nurse wearing a cap. Even when we began using disposable products, those “adult diapers” created only a momentary gap between the time our bladders emptied and the time that our clothes and linens were soaked (hence the continued need for “Mr. Chuck”).

Back then, products that helped manage toileting needs were about the thickness of the comforter on my bed during winter, and, under clothing, had all of the subtle discretion of an angry pimple on your chin.

We now have much sleeker and vastly more absorbent disposable tabbed briefs. With the advent late last century of special polymers now routinely used in these products, our designs have improved tremendously. For those with the luxury of choice, many of these product options now include “cutting edge” benefits such as reduced leakage and odor. (Sorry Chuck, thank you for your service and please take a seat.) Even still, most people do not want to wear this product.

Do you order your bladder control products online, or buy them at the store and risk all the stares?

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What is the TV commercial for bladder control?

There is a commercial for a bladder control product. I think it may be Detrol LA. Anyway, the woman in the commercial is at a party and she is really embarrased because she thinks that everyone can tell that she has a bladder control problem as if she

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