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    FHI Brands Daily Beauty for Wildlife Hydrating Shampoo, 13.5 fl. oz.
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    FHI Heat

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Affordable beauty brands enjoy social media boost

Expensive street beauty brands including Dove and Avon have enjoyed an impressive go places in social media popularity ahead of higher end labels, according to a new account by digital blog L2. The report looks at online popularity of some of the period's biggest

Golden Globes Beauty Trends: What to Expect

With the Sunny Globe Awards just days away, here are some beauty trends we can suppose on this year's red carpet. With the help of Rite-Aid beauty brands, you too can achieve the final red carpet look! Between red carpet vets like Angelina Jolie and

Are Today's Lesser-Known Campaign Stars Alienating Brands' Target Customers?

By Dhani Mau Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 / 3:45 PM A new bent among many fashion and beauty brands, it seems, is to use young, pretty up-and-coming actresses in their ad campaigns rather than established talking picture stars. Some examples from the past couple of

High-End Brands Are Missing the Boat on Mobile, Study Finds

In a ranking of 100 well-recognized the go, beauty, hospitality, watch and jewelry, and retail brands, nearly half were deemed “languid” in their efforts. Only two-thirds of indexed brands have mobile-optimized sites, and yet a full third of those

These beauty brands are helping victims of Hurricane Harvey

A note from our founder, Tiffany Masterson: I’ve loved Houston for 48 years, and I’ve never been more proud to call this city home. In light of Hurricane Harvey, Drunk Elephant will be giving immediately to the organizations above (swipe left to see how you can donate!). We hope this list will make it easier for you to explore every avenue to give back. On a personal note: the kindness I’ve witnessed from people all over is so encouraging and inspiring. We have family members who have lost everything, but as a city we are coming together, just like the family we are, and we will be fine. Houston has a good head on its shoulders and seems to understand that material things are just things. It’s lives that matter, and I know we will come back stronger than before. Some of us can give huge dollar amounts, others can give only one dollar, others can only offer their prayers, and we remain sensitive to that. All are equally important. Everyone has something to give and the entire Drunk Elephant team will be giving in every way we can until Houston is whole again. Read our full blog post at the link in our bio for more.

What are some beauty brands that give products for reviewers to review?

Hi! I'm a teen girl who wants to get a YouTube/Blogger to maybe review beauty products. I'd like to know some brands that send samples to reviewers for them to review? I know for one that Yes to Carrots does so. Anymore more you can think of? Thanks!

The most common ones that do that are:

Sigma (brushes mainly)
Coastal Scents

I am doing last minute Valentines Day shopping and I need help what are the best make up beauty brands to buy?

My girl loves beauty products and I need help with picking brands.

aww you're so sweet!! it depends how old she is, but i would say that make-up is hard to buy because it's so so personal, so get something more in the skincare department. philosophy is a great line, and they have a lot of fun stuff in different scents.

Urban Decay Is Great :D
she'll fall inlove with it.

MAC or Covergirl are great