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bladder control problems

Why you need a strong pelvic floor — and how to get one

The pelvic floor is the web of muscles and tissues that stretch like a hammock from your tailbone to your pubic bone to hold the bladder, bowel and uterus in place.

Most people don't give these muscles much thought until something goes wrong, but when things do go wrong, it can be quite upsetting.

"The biggest issues that women with a weak pelvic floor can have is bladder control problems," Heba Shaheed, The Pelvic Expert and Fitbit spokesperson, tells Coach.

"They might have issues with bowel control and wind control, and if you have a weak pelvic floor it puts you at higher risk of a pelvic organ prolapse where one or more of the pelvic organs – the bladder, bowel or uterus – starts to sag down into the pelvis, leading to feelings of heaviness, pressure or dragging."

For men , being overweight, doing heavy lifting, suffering constipation, being unfit or coughing a lot can weaken pelvic floor muscles, which puts you at risk of bladder incontinence, bowel control issues and back pain.

Will a female dog in heat have bladder control problems?

We just adopted a one-year-old little papillon and I think she is going into heat. Do female dogs in heat have bladder control problems? She seems to "dribble" a little bit of pee-pee from time to time and I am hoping it has to do with being

It is less expensive to wait until she is done being in heat, but I don't think that the bladder control issue has to do with that. She may just piddle a little when she gets excited. I had a lab mix that did that and never really outgrew it.

Females in heat will often "mark" to attract males. Or she could have a UTI.

Yes, they can be fixed while in season but it's more involved. Please consult with your vet on this.

Are there any non perscription medicines for bladder control problems?

I have this problem where (especially in public places) I am constantly running back and forth to the bathroom, and if I don't go, I have the feeling I am going to pee my pants. Are their any non perscription medicines I can take to ease this bladder

Try eating 1/.2 dozen carrots

I don't know of any non perscription ones, but Detrol LA works really well, talk to your doctor about it.