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Cloud usage is surging, but single sign-on security isn't keeping up

Interestingly, ANZ companies were well ahead of the global average when it came to AWS adoption, with 22 percent of local companies using the platform as the basis of their infrastructure as a service (IaaS) efforts.

Despite the prevalence of cloud services, adoption of SSO – which enables management of diverse cloud services underneath a consistent policy umbrella – followed a different trajectory that favoured a few industries.

SSO was, for example, in use at 40.3 percent of education providers, 31.8 percent of government organisations, and 29.3 percent of finance companies, with the lowest adoption amongst engineering firms (11.2 percent) and consulting companies (17.4 percent).

Low cloud penetration and high SSO usage of the finance sector seems to reflect that industry’s conservatism around cloud adoption and higher awareness of security. Yet banks tend to be large organisations, and the study also found a correlation between the size of companies and their adoption of SSO – which was identified in 44.1 percent of firms with more than 1000 employees but just 17.9 percent of companies with under 500 staff.

Lack of bladder control in exercise.... (weight loss related???)?

I lost a lot of weight over the last year while struggling with anorexia. I am now back to a normal weight, but find that when I exercise, I lose control of my bladder. I don't know whether this is related in anyway. The biggest problem comes when I have

i would seek a doctor, do not take any advise online. look for a doctor

It's common in women at any age. Start doing kegel exercises on a daily basis which should help reduce this problem.

did there any exercises to help control your bladder's surrounding muscles?

Sometimes doing Kegel excercises will help, as well as increase sensation.

Strengthening the kegal muscle is usually the key. Kegal muscle exercise are usually very easy. They mainly consist of clenching and releasing the inner muscles around the bladder and sexual organs.
You can reference this muscle on the net and