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    Control Premature Ejaculation: Tips and Strategies to Control Premature Ejaculation

Nice Guys Finish First, Too

I have rarely slept with a man who didn’t later feel compelled to offer some sort of post-coital apology for the brevity of the session. While I’d like to take this trend as a personal compliment, I’ve come to suspect it has less to do with me and any sexual prowess I hoped it may signify, and much more to do with still-pervasive stereotypes and detrimental rhetoric surrounding male sexuality.

It’s a classic gag common in movies and TV: The woman remarks, “That was fast,” followed by her humiliated costar’s defense of “This never happens.” So, it’s no wonder the exchange has become all but unavoidable in real life, too. Apparently, this tired joke is still good for some laughs, but it starts to lose its shine when you consider the real impact these stereotypes have on men and their sexual confidence.

According to a study cited in “Women’s Health,” 30 percent of men report being dissatisfied with how long they last in bed. Women may have the monopoly on victimization at the hands of unrealistic standards, but men are struggling against their own set of stereotypical attitudes and unfair expectations.

What is the best tips to Control Premature Ejaculation in a lasting way?

Yes, it is a little embarrassing, but hey, since 45% of men suffer from the inability to control premature ejaculation, I thought I'd put the question out there to get some non bias answers.

So what is the best tips to control premature

Anything from sprays,pills,special condoms will never help you last longer in bed...

With the right information and training, you will indeed become a master over your ejaculatory reflex,last much longer than before, and give your woman

Thread and needle. ;)

Hey now, this ain't Men's Health!

What are some good, useful tips to cure premature ejaculation?

I am 17 years old, I suffer from premature ejaculation. It is embarrassing to be doing stuff with a girl and having to hide that I ejaculated in my pants or went to early. I am looking for 100% proven ways to stop it, such as breathing techniques, moves,

It is embarrassing yes, but it is conquerable. Exercises you can do invovle your PC muscles. What you want to do is act like your cutting off your urine flow or clenching your butt. You can do this sitting down, waiting in line, anywhere. Just clench/squeeze

Jerking off before sex helps to prolong the duration. You can jerk off a couple of hours before you go on a date.It should help.

the kegle method,evrytime you feel your reaching climax,ho;ld it back,then let it go,and hold back,it increases the climax and makes it stronger.i hope i helped you out some.