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premature ejaculation pills

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Anyone had any positive experiences with premature ejaculation pills?

Was looking at some of the pills for premature ejaculation such as prejac and climinax etc.
If anyone has used these then i would much appreciate your progress with them and if they worked

I tried these for years man, do not waste your time.

As soon as the pills ran out the problem came back. It is only a short term fix.

Go after something more long acting. Start to train the muscles which control this area.

I tried these for years man, do not waste your time.

As soon as the pills ran out the problem came back. It is only a short term fix.

Go after something more long acting. Start to train the muscles which control this area.

i want to know where i can find premature ejaculation pills for free?

i have found premature ejaculation pills for free but they charge shiping and handling and i dont have a credit going to have sexual intercourse but i havent had sex in a couple of months...i want to try the samples they send home

You don't need pills! Pills can really screw up your body chemistry!
You simply need to learn some techniques to increase your staying power. Do a web search on kegel exercises and "edging", both of these techniques can help you.


They are ALL FAKE.

How much value would you put on your erection or you sexual performance if you had to buy it today? $5, $10?

You get what you pay for. Get professional advice and then decide if you want to pay for the