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What Is Edging, and Does It Actually Make You Last Longer In Bed?

In short, edging is about reducing performance anxiety and paying attention to what you’re doing right now. “The focus is not on the orgasm,” Richmond says, “but pleasure in the moment.”

Wait, seriously? You want me to delay my orgasm? Uh, why would I do that?

OK, hear us out for a second.

“Viewing sex as all about the orgasm is a response to a lot of the media we have out there, from pornography to mainstream television” says Stephanie Alys, founder and CEO of the sex toy company MysteryVibe . “[People] always refer to sex as penetration. But that definition of sex can be very limiting.”

For starters, emphasizing orgasm over everything else is a pretty heteronormative view of sex (meaning that it’s restricted to penis-in-vagina intercourse — and guess what, not everyone has sex that way.) It also ignores the crucial fact that sex is pretty fun overall — and that applies to the moments leading up to orgasm as well.

premature ejaculation?

it is said that over sensitive penis head is the cause of premature ejaculation but my penis heard is not sensitive yet i have this embarrasing problem. someone say my body is over producing sex hormonesn and that may be the cause. can someone help me?

There are many causes of premature ejaculation, and every cause requires a different treatment. Yes, sometimes the glans (skin of penis head) is over sensitive and this reduces your ejaculatory control. But it could also be a matter of stress, fear of

think about baseball when your pounding the happy hole. think about an old mans voice saying "there's the 0-2 pitch, another ball". think of the boringness that is baseball and you should be alright.

if that doesnt work, picture

Traditionally, premature ejaculation has been regarded as having a psychological cause, usually some form of anxiety. More recently there has been interest in looking for neurobiological causes, such as increased penile sensitivity and lower ejaculatory

Can you help with my Premature Ejaculation? Have you had it?

So I'm 16 and whenever I masturbate, I ejaculate in less than 2 minutes. I don't want this to affect my future sex life. I all the porn vids, the guys last tens of minutes. I know that is not realistic but still, how will this affect me. If you have ever

i feel u): This would help aloooooot!!!! jaculation

Seriously, I don't think you should be worried about this at 16, You will probably get more control in time. Just enjoy yourself and don't worry. Sometimes, try stopping when you first get the feeling that you are going to climax. You may fail, but again,