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Organic Acai Juice Market : Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2017 – 2027

Organic Acai Juice, as the name suggests, is the juice obtained from organically cultivated acai berry fruit, which consists of exceptional nutritional quality and is one of the most popular super-fruit. Organic acai juice is a certified USDA product consisting of a single serving of fruit. Organic acai juice involves the absence of artificial flavors and presence of acai berries which are grown and gathered from their natural and native habitat, in an eco-friendly manner. This indirectly means that there should not be any involvement of man-made chemical or unnatural interventions, herbicides or pesticides. Organic acai juice does offer health benefits, due to some features associated with its source that is acai berry, including resists harmful organisms, aids consumers in weight loss, helps in digestion, reduces irritation in the lungs, improves brain functioning, boosts energy, and much more.

Organic Acai Juice Market Drivers and Trends: The factors contributing to the growth of organic acai juice market are easy availability of the juices to the consumers with the help various hypermarket, supermarkets, convenience stores, and others, growing interest of the consumers towards organic food and beverages due to their awareness about health benefits offered by organic products which doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, and consumers living an on-the go lifestyle generally prefer drinks consisting the extracts of all natural nutrients. Consumers from the developed countries get attracted towards organic acai juice market because it provides significantly more natural antioxidants including vitamin C and Vitamin E, and minerals than juices of other fruits such as oranges and blueberries. In the current scenario, diabetic patients have increased globally due to the lifestyle which they follow, this factor also contributes to the growth of natural, sugar-free organic acai juice market. Organic acai juice manufacturers need to launch new versions with innovative packaging to attract consumers, as there are a lot of varieties of juices available for consumers being produced by competitors of organic acai juice. One major threat to organic acai juice market is the growth of acai berry, which in turn can get affected by the growth of nutraceutical industry.

where can canadians buy monavi Acai berry juice?

where can I buy monaVie acai juice online for in canada? the acai berry site only ships to US and i found a site that ships to Canada but Im weery because it didnt have the s. in the address for security with my credit card.

MonaVie is sold through distributors through the company, and can be purchased in Canada through a distributor website. If you would like one, try going here:

You have to register in order

Monavie is sold by a MLM company (amway, avon, herbalife, etc). I don't think the distributors are allowed to sell online.
As with any MLM I will suggest you to be very careful.

You can only buy Monavie from an independent distributor or you can become a wholesale customer and get it for less than the distributors sell it for. You will not be able to find Monavie in a store. If you want to purchase monavie or become a wholesaler

How much acai berry juice is in a bottle of Mona Vie original?

I heard that Mona Vie has 19 different fruits and is 80% juice. But how much of that is acai berry juice?

Here's the wiki on the snake-oil that all the fuss is about ( )

Here's a list of ingredients from ( e-pulse-faqs.html )
Ingredients: Exclusive blend of

Here's the wiki on the snake-oil that all the fuss is about ( )

Here's a list of ingredients from ( e-pulse-faqs.html )
Ingredients: Exclusive blend of