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    Danielle Creations 5-Piece Eye Essentials Makeup Brush Set, Natural
    Beauty (Danielle)


    List Price: $14.99
    Price: $14.99

    • Set of 5 professional quality eye makeup brushes with natural handles
    • From Danielle, a leader in home and travel beauty items for over 26 years
    • Set includes: eyeshadow base brush, angled eyeshadow base brush, eyeshadow blender brush, angled eyeliner brush, and detailing brush
    • Features soft, cruelty-free bristles to blend, contour, highlight and line
    • Everything you need to create the perfect eye look

    Natural Lifelike Silicone Self-Adhering Nipples Set - Handcrafted Made in Canada - Reusable & Safe for Skin and Breast Forms (Misti 40, Blush Pink)
    Health and Beauty (Divine)


    List Price: $69.95
    Price: $69.95

    • STYLES TO SUIT YOU : Available in 5 different sizes and 4 different colors to provide completely different looks.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY and SAFE : Made in Canada with highest quality 100% prosthetic grade platinum silicone, hand-crafted by skilled artists to create the ultimate appearance.
    • ENHANCE your Breast and Nipple : Designed to be worn with breast forms & enhancers, or directly on skin for cosmetic purposes (imperfections, implants, post-surgery etc.). Self-adhering design makes them easy to re-position without messy glues.
    • REUSABLE : Washable and reusable design will last for years.
    • REALISTIC : The most realistic nipple ever designed with Semi-transparent edges mimics real skin like no other! It even moves under your fingers like real nipples, and is sure to make you look sexy and feel feminine.

5 Undervalued Materials Stocks

The titanium dioxide pigments are familiar to impart whiteness, brightness, opacity, and durability for products, such as coatings, plastics, and papers, as well as different specialty products, such as inks, food and cosmetics. KRO is trading with a ROIC of

Cocoon Apothecary Introduces Ancient Mud Facial Mask

Cocoon Apothecary Introduces Ancient Mud Facial Mask Trip Jessica Burman wanted to create healthy, safe veneer care products that embraced the healing power of natural ingredients. She works from a dedicated cosmetics lab heart her home, and supplies her lotions and cleansers to more than 13 companies

Blog buzz helps Beauty So Clean crack a tough market

Blog buzz helps Beauty So Clean crack a tough market After a valued slowdown in cosmetic retail sales in 2009, the beauty sector is growing again, up 4 per cent last year, according to electronic payments provider Paymark. Canada's all-embracing cosmetics and personal grooming sector is huge – worth at

St. Barths can be outrageously expensive, but it doesn't have to be

Tourism is the only moneymaker, if one doesn't include the sole industry: La Ligne St. Barth manufactures, on-site, a all the way array of high-end, organic skin-care products and natural cosmetics made for spas, hotels and shops worldwide.

Better Beauty Requires More Regulation

In the beauty industry, safer and cleaner products are no longer “niche.” In fact, the segment is growing globally nearly three times as quickly (10 percent) as the industry overall (3.8 percent). In the United States, disruptive approaches to formulating, marketing and distributing cosmetic and skin-care products have put clean beauty companies at the forefront of a $62 billion industry.

But for clean beauty businesses in the United States to truly thrive in a competitive market — either domestic or global — we need a new regulatory framework.

Federal regulation of the U.S. beauty industry lags far behind that of other countries. Our oversight laws amount to one and a half pages written in 1938, and we haven’t passed a major federal law regulating cosmetics since. Unlike in Europe and Canada, the substances used in beauty products sold in the United States do not require vetting for safety. While nearly 1,400 ingredients are banned from personal care products in Europe, only 30 are banned in the United States.

I am looking for quality natural cosmetics and creams to sell within my company that is in canada. Thank you?

I would like to receive catalogues with information on product and wholesale pricing. Also,if samples are available and how to receive. thanks

Definitely look into Everyday Minerals. These are the purest minerals that you can find in the market. Just look at and you will see the comparison between the other brands and this brand in ingredients-

Quixtar, to me it the best product I have been using it for more than 10 years, you would have to become a member but there products are great, if you would like to enrol you can email me at

Are there any big beauty/cosmetic/drug stores in Canada that are equivalent to the UK Boots?

I get all my makeup, deodorant, off-the-shelf medicine etc from the Boots shops in the UK - as it's a big chain over here their stores are basically everywhere, and they sell a large range of stuff so I know I can find the brands I use (Dove, Natural

Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall are the biggies here in Ontario.

When I was in Vancouver I shopped at 'London Drugs', you should find everything you need there x

You can get all of that at Shoppers Drug Marts and Lawtons Drug Stores.