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    Equiade Body Builder, 32 Ounce Bottle
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    List Price: $69.95
    Price: $69.95

    • (Note: We have found it very important to use only the best Rice Bran Oil, from a special source, as that has been proven to be many times more effective.) No safety warning.
    • This special process, combined with the emulsion base, is the reason Body Builder is so effective and what makes it stand apart from the other formulas on the market. We use the highest quality Gamma Oryzanol, imported from Japan.
    • Body Builder is a unique specially formulated emulsified liquid concentrate, which means that the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced and more effective.
    • It is then put in a special emulsion base so that it can be even more readily assimilated.
    • Equiade has developed a process to make Gamma Oryzanol more soluble and thus allows the body to absorb the product.

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Bodybuilders are constantly seeking methods to further exercise performance and recovery. Aside from advanced training techniques, well-planned dietary strategies and optimal end up, the use of nutritional supplements is often considered paramount.

Do bodybuilders take supplements immediately before and afrter their workouts or before they leave to the gym?

Thet's what I want to know. I don't see any other bodybuilders taking their supplements at the gym. I for one do. So am I doing it right? Am I supposed to weight a half an hour or something after using supplements?

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. they take pre and post workout supplements. they probably take their pre workouts before they drive to the gym this gives your body time to absorb what ever your are taking. also post work out supplements are usually saposed to be taken within 30 min

What are some must have supplements for bodybuilders?

a good multiple vitamin and mineral formula,with extra calcium...spectrums a god one,...chromiun picolinate,200mcg,with post workout meals,..vitaminC,1000m,and a good whey protien powder or meal replacment bars...Labarda makes good ones....go to,lots

Go to my web site and there is a link there you can get all the info you need. There is a bunch of links.

Theres a pill called creatine i beleive it helps.