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Ulta Beauty Earnings: What to Watch

Market share

Fiscal 2018 worked out about as well as investors could have hoped given the sluggish start for the cosmetics industry. Despite that challenge, Ulta managed to grow comparable-store sales by 8.1% for the year to edge past management's initial target.

E-commerce gains were a bit lower than expected, rising 35% compared to 60% in the prior year. But the chain enjoyed stronger demand in its physical locations as more beauty shoppers opted for the in-store experience. Tack on an additional 100 locations in the selling base, and Ulta achieved a 14% sales increase overall last year. That's below the over 20% annual boosts investors saw in past years, but it's still a high-growth result.

For the current quarter, most investors who follow the stock are expecting to see sales rise by about 13% to $1.75 billion. Ulta should continue to gain market share both online and in stores, but the pace of gains is likely to slow as compared to 2018.

Profitability checkup

beauty first?

has anyone ever gotten their haircut there?
i never have and i want to know if they are reliable for good haircuts.
please tell me your experiences with them because im going to get my bangs trimmed there tomorrow!
thanks a bunch

You're worried about good haircuts when you're getting a bang trim?
It's not about the salon's rep, it's about the individual stylists. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

i wouldn't worry cuz ur just getting ur bangs trimmed but do start panicing if u decide to do a major haircut jk that reminde me i need to get my bangs cut

How old do you have to be to work at Beauty First?

Do you know how old you have to be to work at the beauty products store; Beauty First?
And also, whats the hourly pay?

Hmm, well it depends on where you live of course :) so usually that's 16 years of age, it could be lower or higher depending on which state your in. And usually it's a little above minimum wage ;)