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    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration, 6 oz
    Beauty (First Aid Beauty)

    First Aid Beauty

    List Price: $28.00
    Price: $30.00

    • Allantoin - Helps calm and soothe skin.
    • FAB Antioxidant Booster - Helps stave off environmental aggressors with Licorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea extracts.
    • Shea Butter - An emollient rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, helps moisturize and protect the skin barrier.
    • Key ingredients:
    • Colloidal Oatmeal - FDA-designated skin protectant that relieves itching and minor irritation caused by eczema, rashes and other skin conditions.

    First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, 5 Ounce
    Beauty (First Aid Beauty)

    First Aid Beauty

    List Price: $20.00
    Price: $19.89
    You Save: $0.11 (1%)

    • Infused with a powerful Botanical Antioxidant blend, it helps safeguard skin against environmental aggressors while also calming irritated skin.
    • The whipped texture transforms into a sumptuous cream when blended with water.
    • A fragrance-free, gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt and grime, leaving skin soft and supple.
    • This non-stripping, pH-balanced formula works to maintain skins natural acidity and helps reduce flare-ups, never leaving skin feeling tight or dry.
    • Contains Allantoin - Helps calm and soothe skin.

beauty first?

has anyone ever gotten their haircut there?
i never have and i want to know if they are reliable for good haircuts.
please tell me your experiences with them because im going to get my bangs trimmed there tomorrow!
thanks a bunch

You're worried about good haircuts when you're getting a bang trim?
It's not about the salon's rep, it's about the individual stylists. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

i wouldn't worry cuz ur just getting ur bangs trimmed but do start panicing if u decide to do a major haircut jk that reminde me i need to get my bangs cut

How old do you have to be to work at Beauty First?

Do you know how old you have to be to work at the beauty products store; Beauty First?
And also, whats the hourly pay?

Hmm, well it depends on where you live of course :) so usually that's 16 years of age, it could be lower or higher depending on which state your in. And usually it's a little above minimum wage ;)