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    • ZIA Natural Skin Care for Men Actisheild Shave Gel , 5 Fluid Ounce

    ZIA Natural Skin Care - ZIA Men ActiClean Skin Clearing Face Wash - 5 fl oz
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    ZIA Natural Skin Care

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NA-120 fragmented, merged into five constituencies

LAHORE   -   The Lahore constituency (NA-122) from where Sardar Ayaz Sadiq defeated PTI Chairman Imran Khan in 2013 and became the National Assembly speaker has literally been fragmented, with each of its five parts, carved out as a result of the latest delimitation, is attached now to a different lower house constituency of the provincial metropolis.

The constituencies it has been merged with are NA-126, NA-127, NA-128, NA-129 and NA-130 Lahore. The major chunk of the constituency has been received by NA-130 which contains eight of 26 union councils of this constituency. The same way the PP-147 and the PP-148 under this National Assembly seat have also been recomposed under the fresh delimitations carried out on the basis of fresh census.

The main part of NA-122 - Samanabad and GOR II - has been included in NA-126 and a part on the side of Mozang has been merged with NA-125 while Baja Line Singhpura and UET have been made part of NA-127. The major part of NA-122 namely Mayo Gardens, Mian Meer Village, Mughalpura, Ghari Shahu and Dharampura have been annexed with NA-129 while Ichhra, Wahdat Road and Shadman are now included in NA-130.