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    KAOLIN CLAY White Cosmetic NATURAL POWDER 1 LB Facial Mask Spot Treatments (1 -16 oz Bag)
    Beauty (Monterey Bay Spice Company)

    Monterey Bay Spice Company

    List Price: $10.18
    Price: $10.18

    • IDEAS FOR USE: Cosmetic - use alone or in combination with herbal infusions and essential oils to create facial masks and spot treatments for troubled skin or to maintain healthy skin. HOUSEHOLD - Use in the garden to prevent pests from eating the leaves of vegetable plants.
    • 100% NATURAL AND SAFE. COMMON USES: Create soap, creams, lotions, face or body masks, bath bombs and apply to normal, oily, dry or sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliator. Excellent for cosmetic use. Gentle on the skin. Has natural absorbency properties. scrubs, poultices, deodorants, It helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. It does not draw oils from the skin, so it can be used on dry skin types without negative results.
    • 1 LB BULK PACKAGING: Come in 1 pound bag of Kaolin clay powder, which equates to approximately 4 cups to the one pound bag.
    • TEXTURE & ACTIVE COMPOUNDS: Light and fine texture. Active compounds include Kaolinite silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, and minerals.
    • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States

    Goat Milk Red Rose Soap (SET of 4) – Goat Milk Handmade Soap Bar with Rose Essential Oils - Organic and All-Natural – by Falls River Soap Company
    Beauty (Falls River Soap Company)

    Falls River Soap Company

    List Price: $23.75
    Price: $23.75

    • COMPLETELY HANDMADE - Falls River Soap is a small family business based in Ohio. We never outsource our work, and our soaps are carefully handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible
    • INVIGORATING FRAGRANCE - Relax yourself with the romantic fragrance of fresh cut roses. They will leave you feeling refreshed and new as you step out of the shower
    • DETOXIFYING - Our Red rose Soap bar are made from Rose Essential Oils. These are naturally draws impurities out of your skin and relaxing you. It will leave you feeling fresh and refreshed
    • DEEPLY MOISTURIZING - Experience divine moisture with this special mix of Goat milk, Shea butter, coconut oil, natural glycerin, and other natural oils. You will enjoy the light English Rose fragrance and essential oils
    • COMMITTED TO NATURAL - We use only all-natural ingredients, and we also use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Sure, we could save money by using cheaper ingredients, but we believe that premium-quality ingredients create premium products

Coty brand Dr Scheller strikes up US partnerships to drive skin care range

By Pooja Kondhia, 12-Jan-2012 Cosmetics company Dr Scheller has partnered with Nutritional Products Worldwide (NPI) and InHealth Media for the distribution and marketing of its products in the US. NPI will distribute the German company's natural

Cosmetics 27 Plans On Coming To The U.S.

French make Cosmetics 27 Natural Cosmeceuticals is getting ready to come to the United States. This is a splendour brand that specialized in anti-aging. They are also eco-certified. It strikes me as odd that Cosmetics 27 are advertised as eco-certified.

White Smile Global Inc. Today Announces the Recent Acquisition of an All New ...

Whole sales of natural products by all retailers, including natural and mass merchandisers, grew 7.3 percent, to more than $65 billion. The Company has acquired the full rights of this upshot line from renown Bio-Chemist and Cosmetic,

ChromaDex® Announces that its BluScience(TM) Line of Dietary Supplements is ...

ChromaDex, Inc. is an innovative natural products company that provides proprietary, area-based solutions and ingredients to the dietary supplement, food & beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The company has an expanding pipe of

Sourcing natural ingredients for cosmetics opens 'Pandora's box of risk'

Dive Insight:

Many businesses have added more natural ingredients in response to consumer interest in non-synthetic products, allowing brands to add the coveted word "natural" to their packaging. 

But "companies that increase the proportion of natural ingredients in their cosmetics could be opening a Pandora’s box of risk," Verisk Maplecroft stated in its analysis, with many ingredients linked to poor labor conditions and environmental practices.

Vanilla, for example, is a common ingredient in lipstick, but it carries high risk. Despite the price of vanilla skyrocketing in the last five years, farmers in Madagascar receive as little as 5% returns  on the crops they produce. The commodity is also linked to child labor.

Cocoa, commonly used in the form of cocoa butter in blush and bronzer, is frequently linked to child labor in Cote d'Ivoire, which is the world's leading producer of cocoa. Multinational corporations have joined efforts to improve the cocoa supply chain , although they've had little impact on improving child labor issues and low wages for farmers.

All-Natural Vegan Cosmetics Company?

I'm looking for an all-natural company that sells only vegan products. So far the only one I've found is Raw Gaia but I'm just looking for a good hand cream and their products are a bit too expensive.

Any ideas? Thanks
Thanks for

Hi Beauty without Cruelty is a vegan cosmetic company, and have a look at the website below for vegan cosmetics, they also list bodycare, skincare, haircare, there is a handcream by the Green People.

Kiss my face. I'm not being rude its a brandname. They even have a website,

lollibomb sells a lot of vegan
.... They come in many different scents and are super creamy!

Can this be done? Want to create a vegan company for cosmetics?

Yes, we have Lush and many other companies that go against animal cruelty.

BUT I think we need more natural, vegan cosmetics. I'm currently in school to become a make-up artist and it's always bothered me that most fun colours contain animal

I like mineral makeup - its made from nothing but ground up minerals like zinc and iron. Its healthier than "normal" makeup and protects you from the sun plus it lasts longer and is more waterproof.
I used to buy Beauty Without Cruelty

sounds great. but are you sure it doesnt already exist?

I would definitely be interested :) Best thing to do is try to create it yourself then purchase a patent for it.