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    Thrive Natural Face Wash for Men – Daily Facial Cleanser for Men with Unique Premium Natural Ingredients for Healthier Men's Skin Care - Mens Face Wash
    Health and Beauty (Thrive Natural Care)

    Thrive Natural Care

    List Price: $12.95
    Price: $12.95

    • EXCLUSIVE INGREDIENTS - This product's great cleansing properties are powered by two Costa Rican plant ingredients unique to Thrive. Juanilama has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties (87% more than vitamin E) that help combat blemishes and impacts of stress and pollution on the skin.* Fierillo extract has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin-healing, and anti-oxidant properties that help promote healthier skin after exercise, outdoor adventures, or stress.*
    • POWERFUL SKIN CARE FOR MEN - This gel-based facial wash helps remove dirt, SPF, oil, and sweat from the face while leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh. Our truly natural formula avoids drying the skin and keeps you looking vibrant throughout the day. Its subtle all-natural scent is sure to perk you right up when you wash your face!
    • HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEED - Thrive Face Wash is certified as a "premium bodycare" product by Whole Foods Market, a designation given only to items that achieve the highest levels of efficacy and safety. The all-natural formula delivers great results that give you peace of mind while you look great. Thrive offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love your Thrive, we'll refund your purchase.
    • TRULY NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Thrive Men's Face Wash only contains plant-based ingredients, leaving out all the harsh synthetic additives that may cause irritation. It's safe to use on all skin types. This product is made only with premium ingredients sourced directly from Costa Rica, the USA, and Europe, and is free of synthetics and artificial additives.
    • SUPPORTS COSTA RICAN FARMERS - With every purchase you not only get a quality facial wash, but you also help support the people who made it. Our business model helps farmers rehabilitate the soil on which they grow the plants used in these products.

    Jason Natural Cosmetics Men Stick Deodorant, 2.5 Ounce
    Beauty (Jason)


    List Price: $7.59
    Price: $3.76
    You Save: $3.83 (50%)

    • Clinically tested all day odor protection
    • Features a fresh, woodsy fragrance
    • Contains natural and/or organic ingredients
    • NO: Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol or Synthetic Fragrances
    • No animal testing

Marlene Dietrich invented the Croydon facelift; Marilyn Monroe shaved her face ...

Marlene Dietrich invented the Croydon facelift; Marilyn Monroe shaved her face ... A-catalogue cosmetic dermatologist Dr Michael Prager says: 'The shaved region of a man's skin is younger-looking than the rest of his face because of the unfailing exfoliation, which stimulates collagen. 'Plus, a fuzz-unimpeded face reflects the light.' A natural

Biofuel company stumbles onto cosmetics discovery

Biofuel company stumbles onto cosmetics discovery While algae coil green from chlorophyll absorbing artificial or natural daylight, alguronic acid acts to take under one's wing or shield the algae from hostile environment. Solazyme, which makes biofuels from algae, discovered it also firms up and enhances aging

Leaving Animals Out of the Cosmetics Picture

Leaving Animals Out of the Cosmetics Picture Other lesser-known brands, like Pixi, Coherent Male OM4 (a skin-care line for men) and Dr.'s Remedy, an all-natural pin polish, never started it. “It was important for us to know that there would not be any animals harmed in the maturing or testing

Getting Lippy: Avalon Organics Nourishing Cherry Aloe Organic Lip Balm

I savour the company's' commitment to consciousness which really resonates with me, this is a affirmation is from the Avalon Organics website: Our commitment to Consciousness in Cosmetics creates a larger ghost that encompasses us all.

Chemicals in Cosmetics, Soaps May Harm Men's Fertility

Men who have been exposed to common chemicals known as parabens have lower testosterone levels and more sperm that are abnormally shaped and slow moving, according to a study that suggests these ingredients may contribute to infertility.

Researchers examined lab tests done on 315 male patients of a fertility clinic in Poland to pinpoint issues they were having with reproduction. All of the men provided samples of urine, saliva, blood and semen for analysis.

Compared to men who had low concentrations of parabens in their urine, men with high concentrations of the chemicals also had a larger proportion of sperm with what’s known as abnormal morphology, or unusual size or shape, that’s associated with infertility, the study found.

Higher levels of parabens in the urine were also associated with DNA damage in the sperm and what’s known as decreased motility, or slower moving sperm that may contribute to infertility by being unable to travel far enough to reach an egg.

Any suggestions for a Brand name for a natural cosmetic line for men ?

In the process on starting a cosmetic line and Im toying with names and would like your opinion. Looking for a short catchy name, something thats 'funky' ? and appeals to men - a mans man so to speak :-)

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Women aren't born wearing cosmetics...yet it's considered "natural" for ladies - Why not men?

I have always wore makeup and I'm a guy. I love to give my eyes depth with a little mascara and because I have dark circles under my eyes I use a little concealer. I use a light shade of bronzer to give me a nice "lively" glow and accentuate

I'm proud of you :) Guys should be allowed to wear makeup if they want to even if they are straight.


good for you then :)