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Men's makeup brands are discreet — and all over Instagram

Nestled on my Instagram feed between a picture of a high school friend living their adult life and one of the Kardashians (they’re starting to blur together), was a sponsored post for “makeup for men” entitled War Paint. As I sat there watching the ad jump to life— a tattooed man covering his well-lit skin with a black beauty blender— I couldn’t get over the fact that it’s literally called “War Paint.”

Over time, I scrolled into more of these sponsored ads, like a weasel wandering into well-laid traps. Granted, I’m a gay guy who’s been wearing makeup since high school; some tinted moisturizer here, some blush there, but makeup nonetheless. So while I’m aware that these ads might not be enticing to me, per se, I wonder if they’d be enticing to someone who isn’t ready to step foot in a Sephora at any given moment.

If their ads are any indication, the brands I’m seeing on Instagram are attempting to change the narrative around men's makeup and open up that corner of untapped market that men represent.

Any suggestions for a Brand name for a natural cosmetic line for men ?

In the process on starting a cosmetic line and Im toying with names and would like your opinion. Looking for a short catchy name, something thats 'funky' ? and appeals to men - a mans man so to speak :-)

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Women aren't born wearing cosmetics...yet it's considered "natural" for ladies - Why not men?

I have always wore makeup and I'm a guy. I love to give my eyes depth with a little mascara and because I have dark circles under my eyes I use a little concealer. I use a light shade of bronzer to give me a nice "lively" glow and accentuate

I'm proud of you :) Guys should be allowed to wear makeup if they want to even if they are straight.


good for you then :)