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Ashton Kutcher infidelity caused Demi Moore extreme weight loss?

by Jason Accede to Some people jokingly call it the divorce diet, but extreme weight loss is no laughing quandary when grief and betrayal cause it. Ashton Kutcher, the man who famously beat CNN to the one million student mark on Twitter, allegedly cheated

Houston Texans Postgame Notes and Quotes vs Bengals

It's funny, you industry all year, doing it and knocking it down, and all of a sudden you hang to one of them. But he's been handicapped. He's played like a four- or five-year player. That was a huge leeway because it gave us a lot of momentum going into

Bloom Where You are Planted: Cultivating Creative Genius in Rockland County

Bloom Where You are Planted: Cultivating Creative Genius in Rockland County Whether it's weight loss, mastering a new adeptness, or just getting out of bed not feeling exhausted, the habits we'll critique will help you draw that inspiration and give you the creative spark to keep at it. These habits are not only mild to implement,

Bob Frisk's annual Best Sports Quotes

Joshua Smith, UCLA basketball instrumentalist, on facing questions about his weight loss: “I'm not Jared from Subway, man. I'm not some inspirational copy.” Caroline Wozniacki, top-ranked women's tennis actor, responding to criticism that her press

Weight Loss/Skinny Poems or Quotes?

Hey All! I am looking for a cute, funny poem about wanting to be skinny or lose weight. I am wanting to print out copies and give it to my friends for new years as inspiration! Does anyone know of any? Or a place online where I can find any? Thanks!! has specific exercise quotes, but in general has a huge number of categories for different types of quotes. I'm sure you'll find something there.

How do you feel about these quotes?

"I believe gay marraige should be between a man and a woman." - Arnold Swarchenager(I can't spell it, as you can see.)

"What's Wal-Mart, do they sell walls or something?" - Paris Hilton

"I want to

thanks for the good laugh...i sure needed that

Hehe... I think the first two are really funny... I dont really understand the third one. But I love the second one espeically, cuz I love to make fun of Paris Hilton... :p