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This Is How Your Workouts Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

“Too much” here can be difficult to measure and is largely dependent on the individual, says Nathan Jones, a physical therapist at Atlas Physical Therapy in South Carolina. An elite-level athlete who’s used to working out a ton is better equipped to handle the stress than the typical gym-goer, says Jones.

But  JC Deen , a personal trainer based in Nashville, says that indicators that you might be overdoing it at the gym can include: feeling tired all the time, having a hard time sleeping, being unable to go as hard as usual in your workouts, experiencing a loss of interest in working out, and generally feeling irritable.

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Anything that's bad for your body and overall health is going to be bad for your weight-loss goals. First of all, over-training can lead to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which can tank your metabolism and mood, and even cause you to store more fat. 

What are some good weight loss workouts i can do at home?

So i have a little fat on my tummy and thighs do know any workouts i can do at home if you do please give me a video best answer will get 5 starts :]

There's some good workouts at the link below (no equipment needed): ess-Workouts

I think a Treadmill is best for you if you like running. Sorry i can't show any videos.

Hope this helps!

anyone care to share quick weight loss workouts and diets?

i am currently doing a dvd work out called HIP HOP ABS but im not sure that i can continue on with this after the month and i need to slim down by April 2011. anyone have really good workouts with great results? also i need diet recommendations.

Best & inspirational weight loss success stories, it will help you to know more about weight loss and weight loss success stories for women and men.

Keep track of your bmi. If it decreases then your on the right path to slimming down. As for workout there are some good workout featured in

For some weight loss tips you can go here: