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    Magnetic Eyelashes Natural Full Eye Fake Lashes No Glue Ultra Thin Magnet 3D False Eyelash Kit With Mirror by Bright Eyed Girl (4 pcs/1 pair)
    Beauty (Klean Treats LLC)

    Klean Treats LLC

    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $19.99

    • REUSABLE, EASY & COMFORTABLE to wear with a lightweight secure fit! Bright Eyed Girl magnetic lash strips can be worn again and again & they're even quicker and easier to apply than mascara, with consistent results every time! For application technique video, check out this YouTube video:
    • EASY TO CARRY AROUND & 100% GUARANTEED: Your lashes come in a premium travel box that includes a mirror for quick, easy, and discreet application on the go! Even after your lashes need to be replaced, the beautiful keepsake box can be used to store other valuables such as earnings, lockets or other precious charms. With our 100% money back guarantee, there's no reason not to treat yourself and give them a try - BUY YOURS TODAY!
    • PREMIUM FULL EYE MAGNETIC EYELASH EXTENSIONS designed to answer all your problems with traditional false lashes. No glue. No irritation. No odd or fake look. With Bright Eyed Girl magnetic lashes, you get a quick and easy natural look you'll love every time!
    • HYPOALLERGENIC, VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE: Handmade with the highest quality synthetic silk, using absolutely no animal byproducts! With no glue, you can expect zero eye irritation for a product that's safe to wear daily and guilt-free!
    • NATURAL BRIGHT-EYED LOOK that will make your eyes POP without looking over the top! You'll feel confident wearing these lashes in professional and fun settings alike!

    Lovmi Lash Serum
    Beauty (LeSean Canada Incorporated)

    LeSean Canada Incorporated

    List Price: $49.95
    Price: $49.95

    • Proprietary serum made in Canada with vitamins and natural ingredients.
    • Use Lovmi Lash for healthier, thicker, and darker lashes naturally.
    • No harmful synthetic compounds
    • Makes eyelashes darker, thicker, and healthier too!
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Photoshop catastrophes: The year in review

Brisk's eyelashes were enhanced in post-production so much that the ad became misleading, the watchdog order said. CoverGirl also discontinued its claim that the product made users' lashes two times fuller than hatless lashes and was 20 percent lighter

Post cereals brand prepares to go it alone

The spinoff "will evince to be a value-destroying investment for Ralcorp's shareholders" because of Prop's trailing position behind its cereal-making rivals, Chicago-based Morningstar Inc. analyst Erin Knout said in a September report by Bloomberg News.

Taylor Swift's Banned Cover Girl Ad

Taylor Swift's Banned Cover Girl Ad This depiction is accompanied by a disclosure that the model's eyelashes had been enhanced column production," Levine added further. The Photoshopping ban is now being taken severely and it is good and fair enough because consumers deserve to get the same

NAD inquiry leads to mascara ad yank

The NAD said it was “distinctively troubled” by the photograph, “which serves clearly to rally (ie, let consumers see for themselves) the length and volume they can achieve when they apply the advertised mascara to their eyelashes.

Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer – your guide to growing beautifully long lashes

Women spend on average 55 minutes a day in front of the mirror, perfecting their appearance before leaving the house. After applying the moisturizer, under-eye concealer, BB cream or foundation, blush, lipstick, curling the eyelashes, and putting the mascara, they are almost ready to go. Some women use false eyelashes on a daily basis to make their natural hairs look longer. What if you could improve your own eyelashes to their maximum potential? Here’s why you should use Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. Take a look at our guide to growing beautifully long lashes naturally.

What is Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer?

The scientists behind the Bellavei products aimed to develop a powerful formula that will assist women from all over the world to boost the lash length naturally. Nuviante consists in a combination of three products that work together to improve the appearance and texture of eyelashes. The Eyelash Enhancer , Follicle Therapy