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    Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Product - NaturalLASH - Best for Growing Thicker Longer Eyelashes and Bolder Eyebrows + Get More Lashes and Brows (5ml)
    Beauty (Protege Beauty)

    Protege Beauty

    List Price: $49.99
    Price: $49.99
    You Save: $33.00 (66%)

    • PERMANENT BENEFITS: Made with plant-based, natural ingredients. If you stop using it, your lashes will not fall out--unlike other brands. Love your lavish lashes lastingly...
    • AMAZING RESULTS: KGF Peptide has been clinically proven to stimulate new hair growth. It also helps to reverse damage done by false eyelashes and over-plucking. Get a follicle fix and see your lashes fill in to complete your look.
    • CLINICALLY TESTED INGREDIENTS: 95% of users reported more eyelashes that were thicker and longer. Clinical trial result: 37% increase in length, 32% increase in eyelash diameter and 42% more eyelashes after 5 weeks' use. Get real results.
    • UNEQUALED VALUE: NaturalLASH contains a 2 month supply of lash accelerator serum, as compared to other lash & brow growth enhancers, which contain no more than a 1 month supply. Save money with NaturalLASH.
    • COMPLETE GUARANTEE: Protege Beauty goes far beyond Amazon's 30 day return policy, with a 365 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, simply contact Protege Beauty for a full refund. No questions asked. NOTHING TO RETURN. You risk nothing when you order NaturalLASH, so order now!

    Eyelash Growth Serum Cherish Lash | Conditioner That Makes Longer, Thicker And More Luscious Natural Lashes | Enhancer That Stimulate Regrowth New Eyelashes
    Beauty (Cherisher)


    List Price: $50.00
    Price: $50.00
    You Save: $15.00 (30%)

    • YOU CAN RESTORE YOUR NATURAL EYELASHES and make them longer and thicker easily and quickly. Eyelash serum Cherish Lash enhances the growth of natural lashes, revealing all their natural potential, makes lashes thicker and considerably longer in as little as 50 days. Conditioner activates the processes of eyelashes growth, accelerates regeneration and provide eyelashes nutrition and hydration, for appearance of long and luxurious lashes. The beauty of your eyes will be able to fascinate anyone.
    • CHERISH LASH IS NATURAL AND SAFE EYELASH SERUM, which is created for women who appreciate their beauty and time, it is very convenient and easy to apply. You just need to devote 5 minutes a day, to get long, thick and luxurious lashes. Apply a thin line to clean and dry eyelashes above the level of the skin once per day in the evening. One brush stroke is sufficient to cover eyelashes.
    • Cherish Lash eyelash conditioner is a FAST, COMPLETELY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE way to make your natural eyelashes long, thick and stunningly beautiful, such that every woman dreams about. Cherish lash growth serum is very economical in usе, one package lasts for 3-4 months. With Cherish Lash eyelash booster you will no longer need to spend money on the extensions, false lashes, expensive cosmetics, your natural eyelashes will become long, dense and beautiful.
    • LONG AND THICK NATURAL EYELASHES are the most fashionable trend, аccording to statistics, men consider beautiful eyes framed with long lashes the most attractive feature of a woman. What to do if your eyelashes are sparse and short or suffered from eyelash extensions, false lashes, unsuitable cosmetics and eyelash curler, high stress or medical treatments? You no longer need to spend money and time on extensions or multiple tubes of expensive mascara, there is a better solution for your beauty.
    • EYELASH ENHANCER CHERISH LASH WILL GROW YOUR LASHES and make them thicker and denser, your eyelashes will look defined and luxurious and it will be impossible to look away from your beautiful eyes. The composition of Cherish Lash contains only natural, high quality and repeatedly tested ingredients. Eyelash conditioner passed all necessary ophthalmic and dermatological researches. It is FREE OF color, paraben, phthalates, sulphate, SLS, PEG, and gluten, Oil Free. Vegan. Not tested on animal

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Darlene has been doing permanent beat it-up for more than a decade with excellent results, so call her today to schedule your appointment! Eyelash Extensions – Wake up every morning with swank lashes that stay in place as long as two months!

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To try this whack attack look, individually apply Andrea Perma-Lash Thrash Extensions, $4.49, Walgreens. Playing with hair color is easier at diggings these days too. Try L'Oreal Feria Permanent Haircolour Gel in Deep Burgundy, $9.99, Observance-Aid Online, to get a shade

Business Spotlight: Perfectious Tatu

Business Spotlight: Perfectious Tatu

Owner:  Cheryl Welford

Address:  2460 N. Courtenay Parkway, Suite 201, Merritt Island


Phone:  321-426-5302

On the Web:

Describe your business:  At Perfectious Tatu we offer all natural and organic micropigmentation/ semi-permanent makeup services. We focus on providing you with the most natural, beautiful and comfortable services for your eyebrows, microblading, eyelash enhancement, eyeliner, lip color and areola restoration. For your initial appointment we provide full consultation during which we carefully and skillfully choose the appropriate color, shape and size that you desire.

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