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    Dark Self Tanner 8 oz + Selfish Bronzer 5 g + Tanning Mitt
    Beauty (Giselle Cosmetics)

    Giselle Cosmetics

    List Price: $29.95
    Price: $29.95

    • YOU GLOW, GIRL Whether you are new to sunless tanning and sunless bronzers or you have been mastering the self tanning art for years, Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Lotions, Micro Mists, Foams and Sprays are ideal for all skin types and will provide you with the perfect tan that you desire. No streaks or blotches, all you are left with is golden skin and something to brag about to all your friends.
    • GLOWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT Have you ever noticed that when someone feels and looks great, they just glow? Sure it could be that they've lost weight, or are in love, or just have that confidence we all yearn for. But maybe it's as simple as they've tried the Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Product and now they look slimmer, darker, and more radiant - thus they are glowing from the inside and out!
    • CELEBRITIES LOVE IT, DOCTORS RECOMMEND IT Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning lotions (also referred to as self-tanners) require no exposure to the sun. Growing evidence shows the multitude of damage sun exposure can do both short-term and long-term. With the self tanner for pale, light, or medium skinned people, you need not worry about negative side effects. This quick tan self tanner ensures a rich glow that is natural and safe.
    • FORMULATED WITH A NATURAL BLEND OF INGREDIENTS - We have searched the farthest regions of the world for this natural, paraben-free blend of ingredients. This product not only provides your skin with the most natural-looking, best tan possible, but also nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates and enhances the feel and elasticity of your skin. Because no matter how great your fake tanning lotion works, if your skin isn't ultra smooth and sleek, you won't achieve a flawless look
    • WHAT IS BRONZER MAKEUP USED FOR? it's meant to create an illusion that you are tanner than you actually are and to do that, you have to recreate the effects of the sun. focus on the features that would be hit by the sun (the cheekbones, the forehead, the bridge of your nose, the chin)

    Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad Self-Tanner for Face | Intense Glow - 20 Towelettes .07 fLoZ / 2.2 mL each
    Beauty (Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare)

    Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

    List Price: $49.00
    Price: $49.00

    • A one-of-a-kind exfoliating self-tanner with the anti-aging benefits of alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants to give the face a natural-looking sunless glow.
    • All-in-one sunless tanning pads, packed with alpha and beta-hydroxy acids, to exfoliate for smooth application and anti-aging benefits and to reduce the appearance of pores, for an even, natural-looking glow that resists fading.
    • Pack of 20
    • Reinvent self-tanning with these vitamin-rich, glow-enhancing, skin-smoothing pads that provide a smooth, streak-free, healthy tan.

Tanning lotion users more likely to stay out of sun

Tanning lotion users more likely to stay out of sun By Genevra Pittman | NEW YORK ( Trim) - Women who use sunless tanning lotions and gels tend to cut back on outdoor sunbathing and trips to tanning beds, according to a new look at from Georgia. Researchers said the findings -- close to 40

What's looking good for 2012?

What's looking good for 2012? Mousse and slow tanning products are also going to be big this year with new technology hitting the market. Products to look out for cover L'Oreal Paris New Sublime Bronze self-tanning mousse and, in a new furthermore to the St Tropez range,

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Living style RT @chrisalicious85: @JENNIWOWW it's by far the best sunless tanning cover on the 12:21 pm, Dec 29 via Twitter KendraWilkinson: @BrittanyBinger no Brit. Reasonable cuz u got a 5 head doesn't mean it's bigger.

Guide: The Best Makeup Artists in Town

She offers a cornucopia of cosmetic services, including airbrush makeup and sunless tanning for those wintertime galas that genuinely require a fantastic skin-baring gown. 847-809-6945; While Neiman's cosmetics sphere of influence offers no

This Is What Every Woman Should Know Before Getting A Spray Tan

You’ve heard it before: Tanning is bad for you. Among other things, it increases your risk of developing fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and of, course, skin cancer. If you like the way you look with a darker skin tone, but (understandably) don’t want to put your health at risk, it makes sense that you’d turn to a spray tan. Just know this: You shouldn't get one right before going to the dermatologist.

Spray tans make your skin darker, which you already know. But they also cover up all the marks on your skin, which may make your moles look off when they're not, says Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist. Spray-tanned moles can look atypical both to your doctor's naked eye and under a dermascope, which is a magnifier that derms use to look at moles to tell if they seem okay or potentially cancerous. That's why Zeichner recommends holding off on spray tanning for at least two weeks before getting a skin check to avoid any unnecessary biopsies on spots.