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    Kegel Exercise Weights - Adorime Ben Wa Kegel Balls Weighted Exercise Kit for Beginner - Doctor Recommended for Women & Girls Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises
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    • BODY SAFE SILICONE - Easy to use and safest kegel balls available. BPA and phthalate free, 100% waterproof designed with comfort
    • 30 DAY NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and LIFETIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT - If you have any questions with the kegel balls, please contact us, we will make every effort to make you satisfied.
    • BEST CHOICE for WOMEN POST-PREGNANCY - Kegel exercise weights kit is made especially for women who struggle with peeing when laughing, running, sneezing or coughing.
    • Doctor Recommended Kegel Exercise - Kegel exercise balls help pelvic floor muscles training. Doctor advise daily kegel exercise for women's pelvic floor health and improve live's pleasure.
    • FREE SAFE LUBRICANT as a GIFT - There are 4 different kegel exercise weights kit offer you more options with safe lube to protect your sensitive skin of vagina, you can find the perfect way to fit & training

    Kegel Exercise Weights Kit Ben Wa Balls for Women Beginners & Advanced Bladder Control Training & Pelvic Floor Exercise, Vagina Tightening,Post Pregnancy Recovery Sexual Health (3-Piece Set)
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    • All items come in discreet Packing! Offer 30-days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our items.-If you have any questions with the kegel balls, please contact us, we will make every effort to make you satisfied.
    • Perfect fit,Set of 3 different weights offer you more options.From new moms to women who conquered menopause, we have the perfect fit & training guide. Get rid of those urinary incontinence pads, poise impressa.
    • 100% waterproof designed with comfort.Safe for use with water based lubricants. Soft and silk touch, designed for comfort, and makes it easy to remove.
    • Kegel exercises weights kit strengthen pelvic floor muscles improving bladder control and overall better pelvic health. It's for women who struggle with peeing when laughing, running, sneezing or coughing after women post-pregnancy.
    • Body Safe Silicone - These Kegel exercises are made from high grade silicone that is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA Free, and Dioxin Free.

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Lack of bladder control in exercise.... (weight loss related???)?

I lost a lot of weight over the last year while struggling with anorexia. I am now back to a normal weight, but find that when I exercise, I lose control of my bladder. I don't know whether this is related in anyway. The biggest problem comes when I have

i would seek a doctor, do not take any advise online. look for a doctor

It's common in women at any age. Start doing kegel exercises on a daily basis which should help reduce this problem.

whenever i cough or sneeze, i just can't control my bladder.Any suitable exercise to strengthen the bladder?

Kegel exercises! They will strengthen your pelvic muscles and help with bladder control. See the source below for how to do them and more benefits.

kegal exercises