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No Bladder Control after Running?

I feel really dumb for this but....sometimes...a lot of the time....after i work out, mostly after running, i stop running and i'll pee myself. its really embarissing. I don't even feel the need to pee, I just do..its the weirdest thing ever. Whats wrong

You should speak with your doctor about this. There's no reason to be embarrassed about it. Believe it or not, it's very common. Most recent studies have suggested that 25-25% of women under the age of 30 have regular episodes of incontinence (urine

try kegal excercises

You may have wak bladder muscles, also your body is so excited from running that it has to work to hold the P in while running, then when you stop and relax for a moment, the muscles relax and you P..Try doing Kegal excerises.

Are there any non perscription medicines for bladder control problems?

I have this problem where (especially in public places) I am constantly running back and forth to the bathroom, and if I don't go, I have the feeling I am going to pee my pants. Are their any non perscription medicines I can take to ease this bladder

Try eating 1/.2 dozen carrots

I don't know of any non perscription ones, but Detrol LA works really well, talk to your doctor about it.