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    Bladder Control For Women - Potent Blend of L-Arginine, Cranberry Extract, and Pumpkin Seed - Useful for Urinary Tract Infection Treatment - 60 Caps
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    • Supports Bladder Health
    • Helps Reduce the Urge to Go
    • Overactive Bladder Control Pills, Helps with Frequent Urination for Women with Nocturia, Urinary Incontinence or Urgency
    • Encourages Urinary Tract Fitness
    • Powerful Blend of Cranberry Extract, Pumpkin Seed, Soy Germ, and L-Arginine

    STRONGHOLD BLADDER CONTROL™ - #1 Supplement To Support Natural Bladder Control by Biovy - Bladder Control Supplements Formulated By Licensed Physicians To Support 60 CAPSULES
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    Price: $15.99

    • NATURAL SUPPORT FOR YOUR BLADDER - Each ingredient in our formula was specifically chosen by licensed doctors to help provide you the most effective support for healthy bladder control. They're all natural and healthy, so you'll get a healthy support for urine flow. Keep passing urine smoothly, no matter where you are.
    • SAFE & EFFECTIVE - At Biovy we source the highest quality ingredients and go to great lengths to make sure our bladder control supplements meet the highest safety standards. We follow strict FDA guidelines and GMP compliance standards for optimal results.
    • INGREDIENTS PROVEN TO EFFECTIVELY SUPPORT HEALTHY URINE FLOW - It's important to maintain a healthy urinary flow for your overall bathroom comfort. Stronghold Bladder ControlTM is a premium supplement that contains a high dose of pumpkin seed oil. Research shows that this remarkable substance is the best possible natural support for healthy, strong urinary and bladder flow.
    • HIGH DOSES OF THE MOST POTENT NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR BLADDER CONTROL - Stronghold Bladder ControlTM contains 4 natural ingredients with the most scientific backing to help with bladder control and strong urinary flow and have been long used for this purpose. You'll get high doses of pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, buchu leaf and cornsilk. StrongholdTM includes the superior water-soluble version of pumpkin seed oil, shown to be give more support for a strong bladder than other versions.
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Systemic Immunotherapy Use Expanding Rapidly in Bladder Cancer

Following a long drought in the development of bladder cancer treatments, the field is now poised to benefit from a series of rapid advances ushered in by highly effective immunotherapies, Daniel George, MD, told attendees at the 2016 Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA) Annual Meeting. 

George, director of genitourinary oncology at Duke Cancer Institute, called immunotherapy the “biggest, most promising innovation since the advent of platinum.” Although there have been fluctuations regarding which particular taxane to utilize in bladder cancer, “the general treatment paradigm has not changed and no major improvement in therapeutic efficacy has occurred for the past 30 years. Until recently,” he said.

In May 2016 the FDA granted accelerated approval to the immune checkpoint inhibitor atezolizumab (Tecentriq) as a treatment for patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma post-platinum-based therapy. The agent

How do I regain a healthy bladder afters its been stretched for years?

As a child I had trouble controlling my bladder to "go" when I was supposed a.k.a. to my family and schools preferred scedules and lifestyles. As a result to comply I forced myself to hold off unrination for several hours sometimes a day, this

After a while of you going when you have to, it should shrink back to its original size before being stretched. Just dont hold it in. (10 points???)

Do kengal (sp?) excersizes. Contract and hold your vaginal muscles.

Is There A Natural Treatment for Incontinence?

My mother is having problem in bladder control. She is not very old. Yet this situation is causing her a lot of stress and inconvenience.I am not for stuffing her with any strong medicines. Yet I wish there was natural treatment to solve her problem.

I can very well understand the situation.Incontinence is really a stressful condition. But it can be treated naturally.Your mother can try doing kegel exercises. It does really strengthen the pelvic muscles and help in more control over the bladder.

interesting question

I know kegels and rebounding on a mini trampoline is supposed to help

I think you will find a good bit of help at these links oom_query=incontinence

I'll add to janie's great test for vitamin B12 deficiency. One of the symptoms is loss of bladder control. The most accurate test is an methylmalonic acid test but a B12 serum test should be ordered as well. Can't hurt to check.