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The cystitis and cranberry juice myth: New research exposes 'cure' as complete nonsense

Dr Lindsay Nicolle of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, said: “The continuing promotion of cranberry use to prevent recurrent UTI in the popular press or online advice seems inconsistent with the reality of repeated negative studies or positive studies compromised by methodological shortcomings.

“Any continued promotion of the use of cranberry products seems to go beyond available scientific evidence and rational reasoning.

“Recurrent UTI is a common problem that is distressing to patients and because it is so frequent and costly for the health care system.

“It is time to identify other potential approaches for management. It is time to move on from cranberries.”

So why are cranberries promoted as a super food? Well, while they might not be effective at curing UTIs they do contain compounds such as flavonoids which contribute to your health with some serious heart health benefits. They are also an anti-inflammatory which helps to promote good cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. 

Please answer .... Cant control bladder?

Okay im a 15year old girl and i need 2 go to the toilet every hour and i dont need to do much
Do them tablets that you take once a day help you to control your bladder if they do how long will they keep you from going to the toilet

You may have a UTI urinary tract infection. If you have burning or urgency (feeling like you need to go when there is very little inside you then you need to get in to the dr's office. Since it's the weekend and they are most likely closed have your parents

You may have got a water infection.. sometimes it can make u feel like you really need to go and when you get there only a tiny bit comes out... or it will sting alot when it does.

i would go to your doctor sounds like diabetes

my dog was given a vetalog 6mg/ml per ml injection, now cant control bladder when i am gone.?

Then i was given proin 50mg chewable tablets for him and he just started leaving huge puddles of urine and poop this time, before the tablets it was just urine. any advice? he is a irish pointer/aus. shep mix about 75lbs. and 7years old
i have

steroids are anti-inflammatory and they do cause dog to drink more and urinate more
because it was an injection of steroid and not pills, it can take a while (1-3 weeks) before the levels get low enought and your pet returns to normal

My advice is to call the veterinarian and inform him of this and ask him your questions.

I really suggest going to a different vet, and pretty quickly. Peeing and pooping that much can dehydrate a dog fast, and badly. Collie type dogs are sensitive to certain medications, so it could partially be that. I would take any paperwork recording