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bladder control in puppies

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May Tip of the Month

  May marks the beginning of summer. This is a good time to make sure your pets’ vaccinations are current as well as ensuring you animal have adequate shelter for the upcoming hot summer months. Here are a few ideas and tips to make this spring a great one!

  This  is usually the time when kittens and puppies are arriving. If you do get a new puppy or kitten make sure it gets off on the right foot. Make an appointment you’re your local vet for a checkup and shots. Make sure you have plenty of kitten or puppy chow on hand, as they have a big appetite. Handle and groom you pet often, clean their ears and trim toenails when necessary. Also make sure you have plenty of toys available. 

  This time of year we normally have warm to hot weather and that means a lot of people outside with their pets. Remember we have a leash law for ALL animals in our city. That means your pet has to be restrained by you or on your property. so if you plan on walks or hikes with your four legged friends…don’t forget your leash!

At what age can puppies control their bladders?

We have an 18-week old puppy. We've been crate training her, but when she's out of her crate, she needs to go potty about every 1-2 hours. The other day, we left her in her crate for 3 and 1/2 hours, and we think she peed a little in there. Does she not

I have a six and a half month old golden retriever puppy. We crate trained him as well, and thankfully, he caught on relatively quickly. However, most puppies are not fully trained until about six months old. With my puppy, I just automatically took him

A general "rule" seems to be for every month old the puppy is, add 1 to that and that's how many hours it can hold it.

not until 6 months or even after that depending on her breed and size

8-week old puppy bladder control?

We just got a puppy, he is 8 weeks old. We've only had him since Thursday, so about 4 days. We take him out constantly, but it seems even when we take him out, he still has accidents. He is doing really great at pooping on the newspaper we have set out

well, hes still a puppy and just doesnt know where he can or cant pee yet. when i was training my puppy, we would keep a wee wee pad by the door at all times. this way, if she had to pee, it was there. also, by keeping it at the door, when shes done using

puppies pee a LOT, however if you are taking him out every 30-60 mins and he's still peeing that much, Id suggest a trip to the vet to rule out UTI.

He's a little cutie!!! At 8 weeks of age he can only hold his bladder for 3 hours tops.

Here's a free puppy training booklet with advice and schedules you can use, please download and read: